Why Do So Few Christians Have Serious Wealth or Influence? A Few Observations

Wealth & InfluenceAbout seven years ago, I started getting a very strong desire to greatly increase my financial giving to reputable Christian ministries that were spreading the gospel throughout the entire world and helping the poor. But in order to do that, I needed something way beyond the level of income my job was providing. I also had a growing sense that my career was never going to give me the ability to achieve all that God put me here for. Something was missing.

During that time, a question hit me: why is it that almost all the big business ideas, inventions and discoveries all go to secular people who are in many cases hostile to the church and the gospel?! I’m pretty sure some of you have also had that question. Well, in the last several years, I’ve compiled a list of reasons for why that seems to be the case.  Continue reading “Why Do So Few Christians Have Serious Wealth or Influence? A Few Observations”

Kingdom Protocols: Supernatural Business Transactions

Kingdom AlliancesHave you ever thought of the Bible in terms of a business transaction? That might sound strange at first glance but if you start looking, you might be surprised to find out that the topic of business is actually all over the Bible.

A couple years ago I was thrown into the realm of kingdom financial matters and I had no instruction book to tell me what to do. In the spirit of passing on my own learning so you don’t have to go through what I did – I bring you today’s blog post.  Continue reading “Kingdom Protocols: Supernatural Business Transactions”

Sixth Year Breakthrough: Hidden Mysteries Revealed in Dreams

Hidden Mysteries Revealed In Dreams (2)Just a week ago I received a huge revelation to something that I have been wanting for several years now. It’s actually the subject of many of my articles but I kept much of it hidden except for a few casual references.

Six years ago, I began asking God for something very big because I wanted to be part of God’s end-time plan to fund ministries that would reach across the globe.  But since I began asking, I really did not believe God had answered me directly or given me any clues about what or how this could happen.  Continue reading “Sixth Year Breakthrough: Hidden Mysteries Revealed in Dreams”

Kingdom Financial Principles: Total Revolution

Kings (1)Readers of my blog may not know it, but financial provision and wealth is one of my top personal focus areas.  It’s actually hidden in many of my articles.  A few years ago I began to realize that I had a calling similar to Joseph and Daniel but had no idea how I would ever do the things they did.  I’ve since written many articles here about how I have been walking into their ability as a dream interpreter but now I’m going to hit on the prosperity side which Joseph is most well-known for.  Too many Christians are living by the worldly system of running after money out of fear of lack and as a result, are totally missing their true purpose and calling in life.  It’s time to destroy the lies of the enemy and get into God’s kingdom system of financial operations.   Continue reading “Kingdom Financial Principles: Total Revolution”

The Bible Promises Just Enough to Scrape By…Are You Sure?

Let’s Stop and Thinkiconmonstr-line-chart-3-icon-256

I’ve heard a number of Christians say that if we have enough to cover all of our basic expenses and daily needs, then we have everything the Bible says we should have.  I used to believe that myself for many years but then I began to notice something seemed to be missing here.  Before opening the Bible, maybe we should first take a step back and think rationally here.  I’m all in favor of common sense and simplicity when looking for answers to tough questions. Continue reading “The Bible Promises Just Enough to Scrape By…Are You Sure?”