Intro to Face to Face Appearances: The Movement & Miracles | JMMI

F2FTMIt’s been two years now since I came in contact with Joshua Media Ministries International and Apostle David E. Taylor. For at least the last year, I’ve been hinting at my involvement with this ministry on my blogs but now this is the time to give my official intro. Included here is how I became part of the JMMI staff and my first-hand experiences with the ministry, teaching and miracles.

For those unfamiliar with this global kingdom ministry and movement, now is your chance to find out more.  Continue reading “Intro to Face to Face Appearances: The Movement & Miracles | JMMI”

Intro to Divine Healing Resources & My Personal Experiences

signs-will-followIt was only in 2010 that I had first begun hearing stories of healing miracles. As I’ve mentioned here in my website many times, I spent my entire life going to a variety of churches including Catholic and Protestant and not one time did I remember hearing anything about God healing people as we see in the book of Acts or any of the gospels, etc. When I first heard that miracles did still happen today, I was amazed and I wanted to believe it but I could not understand why I had never heard about this in my churches. The only thing I knew about was that “there were fakes out there”.  Continue reading “Intro to Divine Healing Resources & My Personal Experiences”

I Forgave Them: Did You Really?

Did You Really?

Today I want to write only a short post on the topic of how to know whether or not you have forgiven people of offenses they may have committed against you and I have a personal story about this that you may find quite interesting.  It’s a very common thing for a person to say “oh, I forgave (name) for that a long time ago”, but in reality, they have not totally forgiven them.  There’s a really good and simple way to know whether or not you have actually forgiven the person(s) you said you did.  Imagine yourself walking into a room and suddenly you see that person right there in the room also.  What happens?  Do you want to run right back out of the room?  Do you get an immediate inner negative reaction where you feel something comes up and makes you want to turn away from them?  Or, do you feel like going over to that person and with 100% sincerity and shake their hand, hug them, start up a conversation without any feeling of resistance?  The answer to those questions reveals whether or not you have actually forgiven them. Continue reading “I Forgave Them: Did You Really?”