Interplanetary Dreams: When God Gives You A Science Assignment

Scientific Discoveries in DreamsHave you ever had dreams that were just too bizarre to ignore? Have any of them pointed to something in the realm of science, politics, sports, business or education? I have!

Starting around 2015, I began having a series of very strange “science dreams” that I initially didn’t know what to do with.  In these dreams, I was seeing all sorts of bizarre references to scientific experiments, extremely high powered energy beams, nuclear power stations and technology references that at first, had no explanation. There were even dreams of space travel and standing on far away unknown planets.  Continue reading “Interplanetary Dreams: When God Gives You A Science Assignment”

Macrocodes: Technology Parallels with High Confidence Dream Symbols

Macrocodes in Dreams (1)If you’ve been reading any of my articles, you probably realize that I put a high degree of confidence in what God is telling me through cryptic dreams with often bewildering night-time scenes.  Actually, you probably arrived at my blog because you were looking for help in figuring out what your own dreams meant and whether or not you should be taking them seriously.  Today I’m going to give another modern technology parallel I recently discovered that relates to these.  Using my own personal dream examples, I’ll show again why I put a very high value on what these are telling me.  Continue reading “Macrocodes: Technology Parallels with High Confidence Dream Symbols”

Stealth Technology and Natural World / Spirit World Parallels

Everything in the natural realm has a spiritual parallel.  Several years ago I began thinking about this concept and how many things we can see with our natural eyes have a direct relation to unseen spiritual matters. Here are a few brief thoughts on the topic of what I call “spiritual technology” and how it influences us in ways we cannot see with our eyes but can infer by peripheral observation.  Take a look and then use this as a launching point for picking up these parallels and applying them in your own daily life.   Continue reading “Stealth Technology and Natural World / Spirit World Parallels”

GPS Trilateration: Keys to Solving Hidden Dream Codes

One of my aims for this blog is to take a subject I’ve been learning about and write from a unique perspective that I have not seen anywhere else.  We each come from different backgrounds and experiences and we usually see things differently as a result. My personal career background involves a fair amount of modern technology in an aviation-related field.  Just recently, as I was replying to a reader concerning a dream interpretation, the idea hit me that there is a natural-world parallel to this topic of dreams that I have not heard discussed by anyone else.  For those who have a background or interest in science and technology, this one is for you!   Continue reading “GPS Trilateration: Keys to Solving Hidden Dream Codes”