Prophetic Timing Gaps: What Does it Mean When Nothing Happens?!

Prophetic Timing & GapsRecently I received some questions by email about an odd situation. A couple readers were asking me about a sequence of personal prophecies that seemed to stall out in midstream. Several events played out very accurately in their real lives but then suddenly, everything seemed to just come to an abrupt halt, leaving the remaining events in suspended animation.

No pun intended here but the timing of those emails, plus a few others in the last several weeks were oddly “coincidental” with my own personal search for better clues to discern prophetic timing. In the process of my replying to these readers, some new insights came to me that I think will help you get a better understanding of prophetic gaps should you find yourself in one of these also.  Continue reading “Prophetic Timing Gaps: What Does it Mean When Nothing Happens?!”

Moons, Months & Cycles: Unusual Metaphoric Timing Symbols in Dreams 

Lunar Events in DreamsHave you ever seen a moon or stars or a constellation in your dreams?  I have. But how about this – have you ever had a timeline of a month given to you in a dream?  These are not common but when they do appear, they hold a high level of significance and often indicate a prophetic time factor for circumstances in your life.  Continue reading “Moons, Months & Cycles: Unusual Metaphoric Timing Symbols in Dreams “

Timing & Personal Breakthroughs: What Should You Do While Waiting?

Leap of FaithAre you in a waiting period, expecting and hoping for big things, but you have not yet seen them appear yet?  Have you ever asked the question about God’s timing in your personal circumstances?  Do you believe some things just don’t happen until God decides them?  Have you ever wondered what your part is in this, if you even have a part?
I’ve discovered some keys to help answer these questions and the basis for them is found right in the Bible.  Take a look at what I found and see how this can directly apply to your life right now.  These may surprise you…(hint: waiting is part of it but you can still miss your breakthrough if you only wait)…

Continue reading “Timing & Personal Breakthroughs: What Should You Do While Waiting?”

Metaphoric Timing: Clues to Determine When A Dream or Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled

IMG_0154If you’ve been reading any of my blog articles, you’ll realize that I believe there can be timing clues for future events that our dreams are telling us.  You’ll also note that I believe God is the author of these dreams and if He will tell us about things yet to come, then it follows good reasoning that He may, at times, likewise tell us when to expect them.  I do not believe we will always get timing clues in our dreams but in some cases, I do have reason to believe there are encoded hints given for us to search out.  Here are a few things I’ve learned on the tricky business of timing and personal examples in my own interpretations and prophecies received. Continue reading “Metaphoric Timing: Clues to Determine When A Dream or Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled”