JMMI Staff Disclaimer

Chris Michals (left), Apostle David E. Taylor (right) at JMMI HQ


If you are on the JMMI staff (part time or full time), my writings and videos are for informational purposes only. I am a spiritual son of Apostle David E. Taylor and also on the part-time staff. I frequently attend Zoom staff meetings when the announcements are sent out.

We have the best teacher on the planet and I have no desire that any of you should “follow” me. Having said that, there are some very positive benefits that may come if you do connect with me – mostly that my testimony that serves as a witness of all the things we learn from Apostle / General David E. Taylor.

Purpose & Origin Of My Website

This website was not my idea but God assigned it to me in February 2015, two weeks before I was first introduced to JMMI. About 85% of what I write or speak about is directly the result of what I learn from Apostle Taylor and I make sure to give him credit frequently.

The initial purpose of this website was merely to document my testimony of how God delivered me from 4 decades of dead church religion. As my writing progressed, I increasingly dealt with the multitude of dreams God began giving me and my process of learning to interpret them. Since then, due to the vast expanse of Apostle Taylor’s teachings, I have increasingly added many additional topics for the purpose of promoting him to those from many countries who read my blogs.

Dreams / Outreach Assignment

Shortly after beginning this website, God gave me another assignment to begin interpreting dreams by email through the contact page I have set up. It was several months after that (in 2016), when the JMMI staff trained and approved me as a part time staff interpreter. My current style of dream interpreting is directly the result of that training.

That assignment has not ended! Many come to me from all over the world and I use that as an opportunity to promote Apostle Taylor, including the frequent use of links to the JMMI online dream symbols pages. If you want, I am happy to interpret your dreams or give general help based on my experience, BUT… I still recommend that you go straight to the full time dream staff.

There have been times in past years when I slacked off or doubted whether God still wanted me to keep up this website. In every case, when I did not continue writing or recording videos, God gave me dreams showing that I was not doing my job! Therefore, I have since settled the matter although the devil frequently comes trying to plant negative thoughts in my head to discourage me from this assignment.

Global Technology Assignment

In addition the the above, this website has increasingly served as my ongoing and developing testimony of the Mega Prophecy that I received from Apostle Taylor in July 2015. A large percentage of my blogs and videos have become a documentation of what I have learned about it, primarily through dreams.

To my shock, it has been revealed progressively that my prophecy is about a global energy technology breakthrough on the order of what is seen in the Marvel movies, particularly with Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor. Prophet Kim Clement also spoke about this several times regarding “new energy”. You can read more about that at this link…


Please remember that while I am happy to have you on my email list or reading my blogs, I DO NOT want you to think there is any attempt here to divide your full attention from our spiritual father – Apostle David E. Taylor.

If you believe my work would help you promote Apostle Taylor to your friends or family, etc, please share the links to whatever I have posted! Sometimes they need to hear something positive from a “second witness” to convince them of the FULL validity of Apostle Taylor and his teaching. My work here also serves to counteract all the negative lies spoken against him.

Thank you for connecting with me!

Chris Michals