Media / Ministry Connection Requests


Thank you for your interest in connecting with me. Before I can make a decision whether to accept your request, there are a few mandatory requirements that must be met. Please read these carefully.

  1. I am an ambassador for a global Face to Face miracle ministry with 17 million followers worldwide – JMMI / Apostle David E. Taylor. I will NOT tolerate disrespect, dishonor, attacking or accusations against myself or JMMI / Apostle David E. Taylor.
  2. The behavior of your followers is YOUR responsibility; poor behavior is almost always an indication of poor leadership.
  3. A proper introduction of myself and JMMI / Apostle David E. Taylor MUST be made in advance by you, to your followers BEFORE I will accept your request to connect. (See my page: Validating JMMI.)
  4. I am not set up to handle large audiences for dream interpretation requests; if I see my website visits getting too high, I will temporarily shut down my dreams contact page. There may be other ways I can help your followers and we can discuss that as needed. Dream interpretation is also provided by the full time staff at JMMI as I have indicated on my dream request page.

My terms above are deliberately strict and that is based on my past experiences with very large audiences. Violation of my terms will result in full reporting of any abuse (including names of followers) to you. If a violation is not dealt with immediately to my satisfaction, I will terminate contact with you and your followers.

Please fill out the below form and state the reason(s) why you would like to connect with me.

Chris Michals