Personal Appointment Request

NOTE: Personal appointments work best for those who already have a basic familiarity with me. Having said that, this is open to anyone who needs my direct personal help beyond just email contact. Please note the guidelines and scheduling criteria.

Requirements & Professional Standards

I am now accepting individual requests for video / audio calls by appointment for those who would like to talk with me in person. Here is what to expect…

  • Meetings will primarily use Google Meet since it is very convenient and works on a web browser (no app required).
  • Calls will typically last approx. 45 minutes; additional sessions can be scheduled as needed.
  • All scheduling is done on the automated Calendly system below.
  • If I cannot meet at your requested date / time, I will reply with a suggested alternative.

Option: You can make this an audio-only call if you would like, there is no requirement to appear on video (Google Meet allows for both).

Most of my dream interpretation is done by email. If you would prefer to send me dreams to interpret by email, use this button

This is a free service – donations are requested if you are able.

Video / Audio Call Appointment Request

Please schedule your requested date / time using the Calendly system below. Choosing to make appointments with me automatically indicates your acceptance of professional standards of conduct.

  1. You will receive an automated confirmation of your appointment along with the Google Meet video / audio conference link.
  2. The day before your appointment you will receive a reminder by email.
  3. Please cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance if necessary.
  4. After the appointment ends, you will receive an email requesting feedback.
  5. You may schedule follow up appointments whenever you would like.
  6. Donations are requested but not mandatory.

TECH NOTE: Google Meet will not work on many mobile device web browsers – you must download the app in that case!