Kingdom Business

Lance Wallnau

Gary Keesee


David E. Taylor

Kim Clement

Doug Addison 

Barbie Breathitt

Larry Randolph 

John Paul Jackson

Lana Vawser

Ana Mendez Ferrell


Ana Mendez Ferrell


David E. Taylor

Perry Stone

Joel C. Rosenberg

Chuck Missler

Bill Salus 

Dream Interpretation:

Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale

Doug Addison

David E. Taylor

Barbie Breathitt

John Paul Jackson

Healing Ministry:

Randy Clark

Bill Johnson

Praying Medic

David E. Taylor

Joan Hunter

Aliss Cresswell

Messianic Jewish:

Sid Roth

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Child Sponsorship and Evangelistic Outreach:

Gospel for Asia

Compassion International

Healthcare Alternative:



  1. Hello Chris, are you still open to interpreting dreams? I’ve had 2 (one was a vision). Was wondering if you could offer any help.
    Thanks! God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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