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Why Are Dreams So Hard to Understand?!, by Chris Michals

UPDATED Version 2 (Nov 2019) This ebook will help you understand why God speaks in dreams that are very symbolic and hard to understand.  Included are keys and suggestions to learning to interpret dreams and the intriguing benefits that may come along if you become a proficient interpreter. This is a free resource – you can make a donation at checkout if you have benefitted from this product and my website. (22 pages)

The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose, by Chris Michals

Have you noticed that hardly anyone knows what God put them here for? This is what I discovered about myself several years ago. In the process of searching for my answer, I was given a huge “mega prophecy” in July 2015 and God then began revealing much about that in my dreams at night. But I soon found out that I had a major problem – I had almost no advance instructions for how to walk out a major life calling prophecy. This ebook is just the beginning of a comprehensive summary of the most critical principles I learned during these last few years. This ebook is a pattern and template that you can use for your own search to find your God-given purpose. See my video introduction and blog for more details. (41 – 55 pages in PDF & EPUB & Kindle formats)

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Intro to Understanding & Investing in the Digital Realm Version 2, by Chris Michals

UPDATE: This ebook was originally published in 2018 and some of this will be slightly outdated, but… ~80% of it is still very much accurate for today. Please pay particular attention to my section on how to approach this and why you should be careful about the amount of money you put into this and where you go to do that!!  

(39 pages, PDF)

The digital cryptocurrency market is a confusing one for most people – not to mention very unpredictable.  There are a ton of predictions going around and no one knows where it is really going.  This ebook is not an attempt to convince you to get in on this.  Instead, this is my own research project that I did to answer my own questions about what this whole thing is about.  Here are a few of the topics I’ve addressed here: 

  • What is blockchain?
  • What is bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
  • What is an ICO (and how do you know which ones are valid / reliable)?
  • What are the origins of blockchain and bitcoin?
  • Why would I want to use digital money?
  • Where do I find the current prices of all available crypto coins?
  • What are the guidelines & warnings about investing your money in cryptocurrencies (asymmetry)? 
  • How can I open an account and buy bitcoin or other similar digital assets?
  • How can I send and receive digital coins for donations, gifts or sales of products and merchandise?
  • Where can I find out more about all this?

Video Series

The Advanced Series – Marvel Dream Revelations, by Chris Michals

Have you noticed one of the most popular themes in movies and TV shows is unusual supernatural abilities? The increase in these themes should come as no surprise but many Christians do not realize God is using these movies to illustrate a Biblical truth that we were ALL made with the potential to develop these marvel-level supernatural abilities. In this product, I am going in-depth into what God showed me about these abilities AND the revelations regarding how to begin developing them right now. The videos for this series are now available on SubscribeStar. The ebook is in the works and will be published as soon as it’s ready.

Blue Cube Rocket Store

A new store page is now live at my other website with logo-designed products related to the upcoming energy technology invention “mega prophecy”. See this link for redirect to that website…


Recommended Books (other authors)


The Divinity Code, by Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale 

Probably the top book on understanding your dreams, this book is 600 pages long and has the most extensive dream symbol dictionary with multiple Bible references for each symbol.  This book is a must have and is used for training by some of the top ministries.

Understand Your Dreams Now, by Doug Addison

This is a really great book for beginning to learn how to interpret dreams from a Biblical perspective. When I was first learning, Doug Addison helped get past my intellectual barrier and overthinking everything. This is a relatively short book and Doug keeps everything very simple and gives steps to learn how to find the most important parts of a dream and learn proper interpretation methods very quickly. I still come back to this book now whenever I need to get a mental reset and every time I do, this book helps me out!

The Importance of Dreams: Discerning & Hearing The Voice of God in Your Sleep, by David E. Taylor 

This is one of many new recent books by David E. Taylor, released at the end of 2018. This book has many insights that I have not seen by any other author including – what personal characteristics and methods are necessary to properly interpret dreams, discerning what God is saying and what He is not saying in dreams, various dream classes and categories, discerning sources of dreams, validating a true dreamer and their dreams, the “office of the dreamer”, among many others. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to order this book.

The Dream Decoder, by David E. Taylor 

This book is one of a new series of dream interpretation books now being published by JMMI. In here, you will find many of the metaphoric images you see in your dreams including animals, actions, metals, people, numbers and much more. Many more new books are available from JMMI on dreams – start collecting them now and learn what your dreams mean. This is a Bible-based resource that will show you how to connect what is in your dream to God’s word. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to order this book.

Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols: A Biblical Guide to Your Dreams and Visions, by Joe Ibojie 

This was one of the first dream interpretation books I ever bought. There are some excellent insights and lists of dream symbols (as all the books I recommend here have) that you can use as a starting point for learning to interpret your dreams. If you want the best possible well-rounded education, you might consider getting all these books eventually – each has something unique you can learn from.

Kingdom of God

Victory Over Pride, Triumph in Humility, by David E. Taylor

This is the book the entire church needs to read. Pride manifests itself in more ways than we have ever learned about. Spiritual pride, ethnic pride, pride of appearance, pride of social status…these are just a few!! Most people in the church operate in spiritual pride and this is what caused Lucifer to become satan. The only way you are going to understand all the ways pride shows up in your life is by reading this book. Sid Roth said this is the most comprehensive book in pride that exists anywhere. Unless you do what is in this book, God will not use you at the highest level of your calling. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to order this book, updated 2018.


Face-to-Face Appearances from Jesus, by David E. Taylor 

When David E. Taylor was seventeen years old, he was involved in drugs, gangs, and shootings but Jesus appeared to him in a dream and instantly, his life was transformed. Since then, Apostle Taylor has received one thousand visitations by Jesus in dreams, visions and in the natural realm.  Jesus told him to write this book and anyone who reads it will also receive a personal visitation.

Also, visit Joshua Media Ministries International to order directly.


My Trip to Heaven: Face to Face with Jesus, by David E. Taylor  

David E. Taylor was taken to Heaven and experienced many things that most of us only wonder about.  In this book, you will find out what Heaven looks like, gain wisdom and insight concerning your destiny and life’s assignment here on Earth, learn more about God’s love demonstrated through His discipline and chastisement as a loving Father and get a glimpse of what God’s great throne room looks like and the activity that goes on there.

Also, visit Joshua Media Ministries International to order directly.

A nuclear war is coming to the USA. It has been planned by Russia and China for decades. Unless the proper response is taken, this war will not be stopped. Unfortunately, despite several prophets foretelling this, the one and only solution God has required to avert this war has so far not been heeded! David E. Taylor is the only man chosen by God to bring the solution. So far, the white suprematist racist American church leaders have rejected Apostle Taylor and the only solution God has given him.

Inheritance By Lineage, by David E. Taylor

Have you heard that we are supposed to be doing greater works than Jesus? It’s true – Jesus said so in John 14:12. But have you seen very many people actually doing that?? Probably not. That’s because there’s a huge problem in the church where no one knows their identity and their spiritual lineage. John the Baptist did not know his and that’s why he had no miracles even after it was prophesied he would have both the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1:17). Even Jesus had to come through a spiritual lineage from previous prophets! You must understand your lineage, going all the way back to the Old Testament – it is clear all throughout the Bible that unless you do, you are disconnected and will not operate in greater miracles. In this new teaching, David E. Taylor reveals what has been lost in the understanding of our lineage and how we must go about getting it back again. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International for these products.

If you’ve done everything imaginable to get a breakthrough in your life but nothing seems to be working, I recommend getting this by book Francis Myles. There can be legal issues in the spirit realm where satan has a legitimate right to hinder you. Unless you find out how to get them cleared out, you may remain stuck forever – not good!! Definitely get this, it’s very good although some of it conflicts with the true and highest level of kingdom teaching I’ve listed above by David E. Taylor. Either way, this is excellent and I definitely recommend it.

Regions of Captivity, by Anna Ferrell Mendez 

This is an amazing book that connected with one of my dreams about recovering a sword from a cave of captivity. Prophetess Anna Mendez writes from the perspective of a former practicer of the occult who was set free and has a deep understanding and revelation about deliverance from all forms of captivity that many are held in bondage to in depression, sin, poverty, and much more. Many are held in literal spiritual prisons and do not know it, but this book will shed light on what those are and how to be set free. This book may still be free on digital kindle version – this is a must read if you have areas of your life that you still do not have a victory in.

Other Books On Various Subjects

Husk (The Helix Signal Book 1), by William Cross 

“On the twin planets of Kael and Urm, fealty to the brutal religious order brings longevity and stability. Yet when a recalcitrant young boy accidentally discovers that the religion he’s forced to serve might actually be based on a lie, he embarks on his own personal vendetta to bring the theocracy crashing down upon itself. Unwittingly drawn into a system-wide conspiracy, he quickly finds himself in over his head with no way back from his decision to abandon his home world. Will his actions bring about the dramatic changes he hopes to achieve, or will he be the one who is ultimately changed by the unexpected events which will soon unfold around him?” “

The Creator and the Cosmos: How the Latest Scientific Discoveries Reveal God, by Hugh Ross 

Finally a solid scientific book by a Christian author that uses straight Biblical support for a view of the creation of the universe that does not dumb down to a kindergarten religious view as far too many have clung to. This book contains some insights that were needed in my research for my science dreams and “mega prophecy” regarding a new energy source invention. Particularly relevant to me is the lengthy discussion of quantum physics and specifically dark energy.

Beyond Newton, by Chuck Missler

This book greatly helped me sort out some mysteries from my “science dreams” series a specifically regarding the plasma / electric universe model which contrasts starkly with quantum physics and the gravitational models. Once I realized this, many other aspects of my invention dreams began to make much more sense. You’ll see this contrasts with the above book by Hugh Ross on these topics to some degree. See also store page.

Recommended Audio Teachings

Urgency of the Time Factor of Dreams

Understanding the Urgency of the Time Factor of Dreams, by David E. Taylor

Dreams contain time factors of various sorts. Timing can sometimes be discerned in coded symbols, such as by the counting of objects equating to days, weeks, etc. Others are less specific and based on the level of a feeling of urgency. Still others are based on the appearance of certain details in the dream such as the age of a person seen relative to what their current age is right now. Apostle David E. Taylor gives insights into how you can understand God’s metaphoric speech in this area of discerning the time factors of your dreams. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain this product.

Office of the Dreamer

The Office of the Dreamer of Dreams, by David E. Taylor

In the Bible, there is a such thing as the “office of the dreamer”. Just like there is an office of a prophet, pastor, etc, a dreamer is also one of these but is at the kingdom level, not church level. Joseph was a dreamer, Daniel was both a dreamer and prophet. The knowledge of how this office functions will give you necessary keys to understanding the power of the signs and wonders that accompany the dreamer. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain this product.

Gods Ransom Death in Dreams

God’s Ransom From Death: The Dream Officer, by David E. Taylor

Did you know that God warns us of premature death in dreams? ​Did you know that Abraham Lincoln saw his death in a dream before it happened but didn’t understand it?Not all deaths are “God’s will”! When you understand the power of dreams to save lives and the office of the dreamer, you will see how it is possible to cancel a death assignment that is planned by the devil to stop you or someone else from achieving your calling in life. Dreams of death must be taken seriously and acted on immediately. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain this product.


God Given Dreams Revealed Scientific Breakthrough, by David E. Taylor

Did you know that Google came from a dream? Did you know that Thomas Edison discovered the light Bulb in the dream? The sewing machine needle, the understanding of the atomic structure of benzene and Einstein’s discoveries all came from dreams. What next great invention has been given to you in a dream? What dream has been given to you to make you to prosper? Dreams are a major avenue for how God brings new scientific breakthroughs to earth. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain this product.

Sonship in the Kingdom of God (CD & DVD package) / The God Realm (CD & book), by David E. Taylor

Did you ever stop and think how God did not create Adam to be a pastor or prophet, going to church every Sunday? Nope! God made Adam with dominion over all the creation – land, water, air, fire, etc. Have you noticed that men like Moses, Elijah, Joshua and many others also had such powers? Ever wonder why? Hint: it’s what you will find out when you get the products pictured above. See my blogs where I introduce all of these for a start and then contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain these products. Sonship and the God-Realm require a deliberate process of maturing into something much, much more than just a “church person” with no power.  You must get these to reach the real calling God intended for us from the beginning of time.