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Nick Fury: “That thing in your chest is based on unfinished technology… Howard said the arc reactor was a stepping stone to something greater. He was about to kick off an energy race that was gonna dwarf the arms race. He was onto something big, something so big that it was gonna make the nuclear reactor look like a triple-A battery.”

Howard Stark: “This is the key to the future. I’m limited by the technology of my time, but one day, you will figure this out. And when you do, you will change the world.”

Iron Man 2

Innovation Beneath The Surface: The Ethos of Pursuit

Originally published on Blue Cube Rocket

Let’s go on a little journey. This is a journey of asking questions. Exploring new or old territory but now with a different type of map. Viewing with a different perspective. Perhaps, a call to remember how it once was for each of us – naturally. Until things crept in and made us different.

Let this be the striking of a new match if necessary. The lighting of a new candle. The illuminating of what went dark. The exploration of new dimensions perhaps. A first step.
If you’re new here and wondering where all this is going… Trust me, true believer, this will all make sense in due time…

Let’s Jump

Let’s suppose we wanted to find what we didn’t see with our natural eyes. Where would we look? How would we look? Which direction – up or down? With what viewing instrument? Where would we expect to find this unknown thing?

What if you didn’t even know what you were looking for? You just knew there was something you’ve been missing. You didn’t even care what it was. But you were going to find it, regardless of where it led you.

In our world, the most valuable things are usually found hidden. The greater the value, the harder they are to get. Usually they are down in deep places. Usually, under a lot of dirt. Invisible to the casual passerby. The kind you might not find if you have only a shovel (or a snorkel).

But usually there are clues on the surface. Invitations to the curious. Isn’t that how gold and diamonds were discovered? Someone had to first see a little on the surface. And then they started digging. The greater the digging, the greater the discovery. So what if they only saw the little on the surface and just stopped there?

It’s Not About Your Eyes

But we are not talking about earth moving here. That’s just a convenient illustration. And it’s still using the natural eyes.

What we are looking for does not appear by the use of a shovel or any other instrument. Your natural eyes can’t see it because it does not exist in that realm. It is something of much greater elusivity.

And again, it is never found until searched for. This is a life pursuit. It can involve a shovel, but what if it does not?

Here is where the journey often screeches to a halt by a long dragged out process, unbeknownst to the unsuspecting traveler. Until they look back a number of years. If they ever do.

The Illusion of “Reality”

It is the life of average pathways, normal jobs, the pursuit of paying bills, the myopia of basic necessity. The squelching of opportunities and imagination. “Reality” is what they call it. Limitations accepted, “this is your plot”. It later grows into the belief in lack and scarcity. The narrowing of the mind.

For some, it is the elevation of convenience and the escapism of risk. The forced use of the natural eyes and the slow constricting death of the human spirit by institutional pythons.

But… not everyone! Some rebel. Some are diggers. They resort to unorthodox methods. They look in different directions. Up and down are not their only options. They learn to see differently. And in so doing, they find what was hidden beneath the surface.

They are like a child with wonder and awe. Ageless. They use their imagination. They believe all things are possible. They refuse to be disappointed. They refuse to be squelched. Creativity will not die with them. They hold as axiom that they do not know everything.

Return To Advance

Let’s make this reality now. This is not philosophising. This is not the kind of thing you read and go on about another day. This is reality. Your future is dependent on whether you do this or not. This is not an obscurity. All the great inventors were and are like this.

Unconventional, unorthodox, odd ducks. They don’t fit in. They don’t get along with status quo. Or those who do. They stick out. At first, like a sore thumb. But later… they are put on pedestals. Pythonic institutions now submit to them.

The world is shaped by them and their innovations. They create what you didn’t know you needed. Until you do. They are light years in the future. And they know where to look. And how to look.


This could be you. Why not?

Maybe you’re at a dead end. Maybe you’re stuck. Maybe your own efforts only got you so far. Now what? Where will you look next? Not everything is dependent on you. Human limitations can be real but it doesn’t end there. Where you look makes a difference. When your human efforts end, it’s just the beginning.

We just took a first step. Your choice to take another… and another. On your own, or perchance, with us here. To be continued…