Marvel Dream Videos – Phase 1

Marvels Originated In the Bible!

Have you noticed one of the most popular themes in movies and TV shows is unusual supernatural abilities? The increase in these themes should come as no surprise but many Christians do not realize God is using these movies to illustrate a Biblical truth that we were ALL made with the potential to develop these marvel-level supernatural abilities.

In these videos, I have explained in-depth, what God showed me in my dreams AND the revelations about how to begin developing and manifesting the marvelic realm now. These videos go with the Marvel Dream Revelations ebook.

Introduction – Marvel Dream Revelations Series

This is the first video in the series where I’m giving an overview of most of the coming videos and ebook.

The Key Is In Movies – Truth Hidden In Plain Sight

In this video, I’m going a big step further from the last video and explaining in much more detail what God has revealed to me about truth revealed in many popular movies. I’ll be using a few examples like Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Thor, Star Wars, Back to the Future to explain primarily supernatural but also some technology marvels that are illustrated in these. I start off this video by talking about Captain America: The Winter Soldier and discussing how may things in the real world are disclosed regarding governments and intelligence organizations, etc.

Throughout this video, I’m also giving preview glimpses of certain topics that I’ll be dealing with more extensively later in this series and in the ebook.

The Eye Opening Experience

In this video, I’m telling a dream that led me to the realization God was validating some very bizarre things that have been going on in reality and will be revealed fairly soon. My purpose in telling all this is to help establish the foundation for why we need to understand and have supernatural marvel-level abilities.

Make The Jump

What does this phrase mean that I’ve been using increasingly on social media and other places? It actually began with a popular reference a few decades ago which I will explain here along with how it relates to both marvels of supernatural abilities and of technology. From now on, when you hear me use this phrase “make the jump”, you will know exactly what I mean. It’s like a macro code phrase that has a very huge expansive meaning. And this video is where you’ll find out what that means.

Kingdom Training Beyond Earth

Have you ever thought about what comes next after this life? Have you ever thought seriously what it means to be a spiritual king in this lifetime now? If you have, then you already know this extends into eternity and beyond the realm of Earth. This is what God has been showing me personally in the last couple years about a position that goes beyond just being a king and a strange term that took me 18 months to understand.

The Value of Your Imagination

This turned out to be a huge topic and there’s a ton of material in here. Most of this will put you on a research assignment where you can take all the topics I brought up and use them as a starting point for a very huge “eye opening experience” in many ways. You would not believe how significant the imagination is in getting you to the point of developing marvel abilities. There are a few big surprises in this video which I will develop on later and it will all connect and make sense later when I get into specific dreams where God has shown me which marvel abilities I have and must work towards developing.

Developing Marvel Level Faith

This is finally THE video I’ve been building up to where I describe the process I went through to get from NO faith for marvel level supernatural abilities, to finally developing it, and how my dreams changed to prove that I had finally accomplished this after nearly a 6-year process. This is the personal story I was never going to say publicly but the time finally arrived to do that.

Dominion Over Creation

In order to get into specific marvel abilities I’ve seen in my dreams, we need to briefly cover what dominion is and make a very important distinction about what this really means. What we have now is not dominion as Adam and Eve were originally created to have. What we have now is much less than the abilities given to us in our original design. In this video, I’m explaining this from the Bible and concordance so you can see the logical explanation and how to properly understand this from Genesis 1.

Marvels of Technology

Just like there are supernatural marvels, there are also marvels of technology and this includes what God may show in dreams. My science dreams / Mega Prophecy series is in the level of marvels because it deals with things that have never been seen on earth before. This is a relatively short overview of the kind of technology that will be coming in reality sometime soon. I’m also discussing some of the “weird” aspects of this technology and how there are two ways to get this – from God or from the devil. This can be a very complicated topic which I’ll be dealing with much more in due time.

Back In Time

Did you know time travel is possible? It is and we see it in the Bible, sometimes without realizing it. In this video, I’m discussing some dreams that show this from a supernatural aspect and some potential references to the possibility of a technology aspect. This is another video where you’ll have to be somewhat open minded. You may have had time travel dreams yourself without realizing that’s what they were.

Air & Water Element (Kratos)

This is my follow up to the dominion video where I discuss 2 element power / abilities – air and water. I have 2 dreams I’ll discuss here to illustrate how I know God was talking to me about this. As always, I’m telling / showing the resources where you can find out more about these.

Practical Example For Discerning Truth

With some of the strange revelations that are coming out in the public soon, I felt this was a good time to explain a process I just went thru in sorting out and getting to the bottom of what was true in the midst of a lot of very confusing information on topics that are very significant to me. In the midst of going thru some very confusing times myself, I had a dream that accurately pointed out what was happening in my mind as I tried figuring out what was true vs what was probably not. In this video, I’m walking thru a couple personal examples and explaining a logical process I went thru and also some Biblical keys that I needed to arrive at the best answer for my recent dilemmas. What I explain here will help you do the same when the need arises.

Supernatural Transport & Anti-Aging

This video is about two separate abilities or powers I’ve been shown in several dreams. Just like in the Bible where we see those who had the ability to be transported either on earth or up to Heaven, these abilities are being brought back again now in our time. Along with that, there are marvel / glory realm powers of anti-aging. Anything we see in the Bible is possible now. Go after it and believe it is possible. I’ll be discussing my dreams about this here so you see the proof that God intend for us to achieve the manifestation of these in our lives right now. Remember, there is a purpose for all of these abilities and often that will defy what our natural mind can understand.

Moving By The Mind

This is an ability made popular increasingly in movies beginning with Star Wars several decades ago. In this video, I’m explaining where this Biblical truth can be found and the dreams I’ve had where God showed me that I have this ability as well. Witchcraft did not invent the ability to move things without touching them! This is a mystery of our original design ability and links back to ancient civilizations – the resource I discuss gives the source and much more in-depth background on this. Remember what I keep saying… truth in plain sight in movies / God gave us an imagination for a reason. All this point back to our God-DNA.

Truth vs Speculation / Solid Object Phasing

In this video, I’m explaining a dream I had about a strange technology that relates to a current events topic right now to show how you can make a mistake in discerning what is a true revelation vs what is pure speculation. Dreams are partial and we can make mistakes by stretching beyond what God showed us and coming to a false conclusion if we are too fast and too liberal in our interpretation. This is a process we all must go through and I’ve been walking through it myself in refining my own skills in the last few years.

The Revelation From 1981 – Flying

This is the video I won’t tell what it is by the cover image or title but this is one of the biggest and craziest marvel abilities I’ve been shown. I’ll be telling my dreams where God has shown this ability and how it sometimes crosses over from supernatural to technology elements but also shows this is a literal ability in addition to symbolic meanings.

Invisibility: Supernatural & Technology

This is a very surprising new ability that I had a dream about 9 months after I finished the above 16 videos. God used the same symbol from “The Revelation From 1981” in this dream. Here’s what I’ve learned about this new ability – both the supernatural and technology, along with a symbolic message that applies as well. Since recording the above videos, I also found out another practice that is required for marvel abilities to manifest in real life. I’ll be explaining all that in this new video #17.

Power Over Water

Walking on water has both supernatural and practical (literal) implications. In this video, I explain what that means and how you can (or may already have) achieved the level of faith to literally walk on water. This dream came right as I was at the end of my process where I had developed the level of faith to perform such an act, and a new kingdom manifestation that puts all this together. Some of you may have already developed this level of faith – hear about my dream and the JMMI teaching that supports everything I have said so far about the realm of marvelic supernatural miracles.

Biblical Elements of Your Calling & Purpose

Many people do not understand how all the elements of their calling and purpose fit into God’s entire system and within His Empire. This is an explanation of a sketch note chart where I walked through all the major elements you need to know in order to ensure you do not miss the biggest things God intended for you. In there, you will see where marvels and sonship fit into the structure and how you must progress through the various stages of development in order to have all these unusual supernatural abilities manifest in your life that I have been explaining in this series and my ebook.

The Series Will Continue… (Phase 2)

This is the conclusion of Phase 1 (or at least for now). Phase 2 will include manifestations of all these abilities when the time is right. Stay in touch for notifications when that next series begins and is ready for release.