The Language of Dreams

How I Got Started

I had always been fascinated and bewildered by how the Biblical characters Daniel and Joseph could interpret dreams. But most of my life, I never heard any teaching about dream interpretation in any of the churches I went to. It was like whatever we saw in the Bible was somehow just a monument of the past and that same God was apparently not doing those same things today.

All this changed however, when in 2010, God gave me and a friend some dreams that were just too bizarre and shocking to overlook. I knew at that time, that I needed to search very diligently for Bible-based resources on interpreting dreams.

Fortunately, that study led me on a path that opened an entirely new realm, not just to interpreting dreams, but much more importantly, learning about and becoming personally acquainted with the God who uses these strange parabolic nighttime images to communicate with us.

Dreams Have Become A Huge Part Of My Life

It was at some point after I had read a couple Bible-based books on dreams and began hearing well known prophetic teachers talk about them, that I began to have a strong urge to have more dreams myself. I admit, the stories I heard about those who had very profound and revelatory dreams on a regular basis started to make me feel like I was seriously missing out!

I really didn’t know if God would do the same with me as He had with these others but I wasn’t going to leave anything up to chance. I started asking God frequently for maybe two months straight and then suddenly, one day, it happened! I began having several dreams per night as if someone had just turned on a faucet. With a few exceptions every now and then, my dreams have been fairly regular since that day around 2014.

Introduction To A Vast Realm

What I’m going to show you here in this short ebook is a brief introduction to the most prominent answers to why dreams are so highly symbolic, hard to understand and what you can do to begin the process of learning just as I have. This ebook is not intended to answer all your questions but it will give you a very good start and I’ll include a few outside references that you can go to for reliable Bible-based dream teaching. The resources I list on my store page and refer to in my blogs are those I and countless others have learned from as well.

In addition to that, I have other ebooks, blogs and videos that deal heavily with dreams and contain much more of my own personal testimony about the crazy things God has shown me these last few years. Three of the biggest themes in these ebooks are how I learned to find the biggest clues to my life calling and purpose, a major world-changing technology breakthrough that’s coming soon, and startling supernatural abilities that God expects us to operate in as we advance through His training process.

Be Persistent And Take Action

Everything you see in my blogs, videos and ebooks can and should be used as a template and pattern that you can apply to yourself. When you do what I did, you will start to get a similar type of miraculous results as I have – God has shown me that also in my dreams! Remember that it is not about how you start out in life but how you finish. Think of this as a climb up a mountain, not a rocket going into orbit. Steady progress is what you can expect with a number of very big surprises along the way.

I did not start out with a bang in this realm – everything started small and developed slowly but as I persisted, God increasingly gave me more. It has been an amazing journey and as I look back now, my life is remarkably different than it was back in 2010 when I first realized God still speaks in dreams today!

Get ready and take action – what I am giving you here in this brief introduction will change your life as it has mine!