Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Starter’s Guide to Buying, Selling & Investing | Ebook

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain CoverHave you been noticing all the news about Bitcoin and other digital currencies? Have you wondered how to get in and buy a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency but had no idea where to start? Or maybe, on the contrary, you thought that they were too weird or unreliable for you to get anywhere near them? In the last couple weeks, I finally acted on the urge to find out what all this was about and get at least a basic working knowledge of how to start buying and selling with these high-tech digital currencies.

In the midst of a huge amount of research on this topic, I began taking a ton of notes which turned into a 26 page ebook that I’d like to make available to you right now. This new ebook will provide you with the most basic and necessary understanding of what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are and the simple steps needed to actually open an account and begin buying, selling, sending and receiving Bitcoins and other digital currencies.  Continue reading “Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Starter’s Guide to Buying, Selling & Investing | Ebook”

New E-book: “Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?!”

why-are-dreams-so-hard-to-understandProduct announcement!  The time has finally come for public release of my first free e-book project.  In this article is the download link.

The material I’ve included comes from five-plus years of my own study of the interpretation of dreams with a Bible-based perspective.

As I talk to people about dreams, one of the questions that almost always comes up is, “why are dreams so hard to understand?!”  Continue reading “New E-book: “Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?!””