Camping, Stars, Clear & Cloudy Sky: Biblical Prophetic Symbols

This was a very short dream I had where I saw a night sky with very clear stars like points of light. The sky was partly clear and partly cloudy. This was a camping setting with some unknown people. In this video, I’m discussing the possible meanings of each – most likely you will see some of these in your own dreams. Also included is a tip for how you can fast-track your learning process for interpreting dreams.
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Video Blog: Kingdom Principles – Prayer of Agreement & Decrees

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Today I felt the need to give a short talk about two kingdom principles that are not well understood but are very powerful when applied correctly. Prayer of agreement and making decrees as a king are extremely important and may be the thing that’s missing from your prayers. This short video will give a brief introduction to this aspect of “kingdom operations”.   Continue reading “Video Blog: Kingdom Principles – Prayer of Agreement & Decrees”

Timing & Personal Breakthroughs: What Should You Do While Waiting?

Leap of FaithAre you in a waiting period, expecting and hoping for big things, but you have not yet seen them appear yet?  Have you ever asked the question about God’s timing in your personal circumstances?  Do you believe some things just don’t happen until God decides them?  Have you ever wondered what your part is in this, if you even have a part?
I’ve discovered some keys to help answer these questions and the basis for them is found right in the Bible.  Take a look at what I found and see how this can directly apply to your life right now.  These may surprise you…(hint: waiting is part of it but you can still miss your breakthrough if you only wait)…

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I Had A Dream But Can’t Remember It, Now What?

Forget a DreamIf you’re familiar with the Old Testament, you might recognize this line from a king named Nebuchadnezzar.  He had a dream so profound that it disturbed him but upon waking up, he had no remembrance of it.

But has this sort of thing ever happened to you? Have you had dreams that you can’t remember? I can guarantee you have, and more than a few times.  Continue reading “I Had A Dream But Can’t Remember It, Now What?”

Reader Testimony! Life Calling Dream Submission

It’s time for another personal testimony by a reader who submitted a dream for interpretation.  Last time I posted one of these was a year ago when a friend from Kenya sent several dreams to me. This newest testimony comes from a woman who lives in the US, but is originally from Zimbabwe.

Many of the dreams I received from this new friend dealt with her life calling and some even look like scenes from an action movie.  I was rather impressed by these!   Continue reading “Reader Testimony! Life Calling Dream Submission”