Numbers: Biblical Significance in Dreams and Prophecy (Updated)

Occasionally, I look back at previous articles to see if any updates or amendments may be necessary based on anything new I’ve learned. Many times I will delete an article that is “outdated” based on my current understanding. This article here was originally written almost two years ago and it has been one of the most popular on my site.

But in the last two years, I’ve made a lot of progress in interpreting dreams and in my understanding of the prophetic meaning of numbers. As a result, I’ve decided to edit and repost this article that was originally published on March 9, 2016. Most of this is the same except for a few additions and subtractions.   Continue reading “Numbers: Biblical Significance in Dreams and Prophecy (Updated)”

Video Blog: Airplanes in Dreams – Confirmation of Life Direction

Video Blog (1)

Just recently I had a dream that turned out to be an answer to a prayer for wisdom and confirmation regarding some big decisions. It was a very common type of dream that many of you are also having – flying in an airplane. This dream proved to be an excellent example for a video blog due to the many types of symbols that you will also see in your own dreams.  Continue reading “Video Blog: Airplanes in Dreams – Confirmation of Life Direction”

Number Codes: Deciphering Personal Prophetic Sequences

Numbers - Codes -Prophetic SequencesIt’s been over a year since I wrote anything serious about the Biblical prophetic meaning of numbers and now finally I have something new to discuss.  This is going to serve as a follow up to my previous article and will also include a few tips on how you can decipher number codes that you may get.

Just recently I had two dreams with a short number series that revealed a little more about my own near-term future assignment. I’m going to show here what they both were and how it was the patterns and current life context that led to discovering the meaning.  Continue reading “Number Codes: Deciphering Personal Prophetic Sequences”

Metaphoric Timing: Clues to Determine When A Dream or Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled

IMG_0154If you’ve been reading any of my blog articles, you’ll realize that I believe there can be timing clues for future events that our dreams are telling us.  You’ll also note that I believe God is the author of these dreams and if He will tell us about things yet to come, then it follows good reasoning that He may, at times, likewise tell us when to expect them.  I do not believe we will always get timing clues in our dreams but in some cases, I do have reason to believe there are encoded hints given for us to search out.  Here are a few things I’ve learned on the tricky business of timing and personal examples in my own interpretations and prophecies received. Continue reading “Metaphoric Timing: Clues to Determine When A Dream or Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled”

Calculating Future Emotions: Mathematical Predictions of Fear?

iconmonstr-calculator-2-icon-256Have you ever thought about how emotions affect the decisions we make?  Have you ever spent an unplanned amount of money right after receiving unexpected good news?  What about fear…have you ever made a knee-jerk reactionary decision right after receiving unexpected bad news?  I have myself and I’m pretty sure you have as well.  Several years ago, I became familiar with a mathematical concept that helped me see how it’s possible to put a fear into a context and, in the process, intentionally limit ourselves from making bad reactionary decisions following a negative personal event.   The below may seem a bit abstract for some, but let me try to give you something to think about from a perspective you may not have thought of before.   Continue reading “Calculating Future Emotions: Mathematical Predictions of Fear?”