Keys to the Learning Process for Interpreting Dreams

Keys to LearningIt’s been almost seven years since I began to realize that God speaks in dreams and to go through the steep learning curve to understanding what these metaphoric messages mean. God gave me the idea to start this blog about three years ago while I was still in the beginning stages of a very focused period of learning all this and everything else in the supernatural realm. It’s been almost that long since He also gave me the push to start doing online dream interpretation here for whoever would contact me.

I’ve learned a ton along the way and a huge part of my learning came because God wanted me to have experience interpreting the dreams of many other people. Since doing that, I’ve received 1,300 emails from people all over the world with every sort of dream you can imagine.

What I want to do here is give a little insight into one aspect of how I’ve been developing the gift of interpreting.  Continue reading “Keys to the Learning Process for Interpreting Dreams”

Night and Darkness: Common Dream Setting With a Personal Message 

nighttime-scenesIf you have somewhat regular dreams, you’ve probably seen a nighttime or darkness setting more than a few times.  I myself have had my share of them.  Not long ago, I finally got to the point where I had seen a few too many of these and I decided it was time to do a further study to find out what I might be missing.

I had been believing that darkness or nighttime settings were all primarily negative indications, but I finally got to the point where that didn’t exactly make any sense in certain dreams.  To fill the possible gap in my understanding, I decided to do my own exhaustive Biblical word study.  In the midst of this, I discovered several new meanings which began to make a lot more sense in a few of my dreams. I do believe the answer to your own nighttime or darkness dreams will be found here in this article.   Continue reading “Night and Darkness: Common Dream Setting With a Personal Message “

Solving Riddles In A Dream? Here’s How I Did It

iconmonstr-help-6-icon-256Readers of my blog are well accustomed to my endless bizarre dreams that often appear in series and point to future events in my life.  They are used to my writings about the cryptic metaphoric language that these nighttime images display and the interpretations of them.  And for that matter, so has your author been accustomed to the same.  All this was going just fine in that regard until one day an entirely new dimension opened up and caught me by surprise.

It began with a familiar scene inside yet another cave and I was being questioned by a person I never actually saw.  After being asked to hand over all the contents of my pockets in what seemed like a police-style arrest, I  got a first-ever spoken riddle.  Continue reading “Solving Riddles In A Dream? Here’s How I Did It”