Information Operations: Spiritual Parallels With Global Events & Agendas

War of WorldsRegardless of what country you live in, as long as you’re paying attention to events in the news, you’re probably aware that there’s a major war going on in the realm of opposing viewpoints. This clashing of polar-opposite beliefs and systems of thinking is particularly obvious inside the United States at this time and it’s playing out inside the government, media, educational institutions and many other aspects of society. These wars are taking place primarily in the realm of information and the primary weapons used are the platforms that transmit and disseminate the opposing ideologies.

Not much of what I just said is new right? Probably not. What most people are focused on in all these battles is what’s visible in the natural realm. But that’s not where these battles have originated. What’s really going on here transcends the level of politics or sociology.  Continue reading “Information Operations: Spiritual Parallels With Global Events & Agendas”

Why Do So Few Christians Have Serious Wealth or Influence? A Few Observations

Wealth & InfluenceAbout seven years ago, I started getting a very strong desire to greatly increase my financial giving to reputable Christian ministries that were spreading the gospel throughout the entire world and helping the poor. But in order to do that, I needed something way beyond the level of income my job was providing. I also had a growing sense that my career was never going to give me the ability to achieve all that God put me here for. Something was missing.

During that time, a question hit me: why is it that almost all the big business ideas, inventions and discoveries all go to secular people who are in many cases hostile to the church and the gospel?! I’m pretty sure some of you have also had that question. Well, in the last several years, I’ve compiled a list of reasons for why that seems to be the case.  Continue reading “Why Do So Few Christians Have Serious Wealth or Influence? A Few Observations”

Video Blog: Practical Answers in Dreams – Auto Repair, Character References, Inventions 

Video Blog (1)

Four months ago I had a dream where I was driving my SUV but when I stepped on the gas, it wouldn’t move. At that time, I was told by an auto mechanic in real life that I needed some rather expensive work done. At the time, the dream seemed to be a confirmation of the advice I was given by that mechanic. Well…that was until just the other day when I discovered the real meaning.  Continue reading “Video Blog: Practical Answers in Dreams – Auto Repair, Character References, Inventions “

Kingdom Protocols: Supernatural Business Transactions

Kingdom AlliancesHave you ever thought of the Bible in terms of a business transaction? That might sound strange at first glance but if you start looking, you might be surprised to find out that the topic of business is actually all over the Bible.

A couple years ago I was thrown into the realm of kingdom financial matters and I had no instruction book to tell me what to do. In the spirit of passing on my own learning so you don’t have to go through what I did – I bring you today’s blog post.  Continue reading “Kingdom Protocols: Supernatural Business Transactions”

Video Blog: Airplanes in Dreams – Confirmation of Life Direction

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Just recently I had a dream that turned out to be an answer to a prayer for wisdom and confirmation regarding some big decisions. It was a very common type of dream that many of you are also having – flying in an airplane. This dream proved to be an excellent example for a video blog due to the many types of symbols that you will also see in your own dreams.  Continue reading “Video Blog: Airplanes in Dreams – Confirmation of Life Direction”