Original Purpose & Intent of My Blog: Maybe Not What You Thought

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There’s nothing like answering questions that no one has asked, right? For some strange reason not fully known to me, God has been pushing me to do a video where I explain what the original purpose(s) of my blog really was from the beginning. I have a feeling this is going to be necessary in ways I really don’t understand today and so I’m just going with what He is telling me and so… Here is my video where I describe how and why this website began. Thank you for watching!!

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Video Blog: Kingdom Principles – Prayer of Agreement & Decrees

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Today I felt the need to give a short talk about two kingdom principles that are not well understood but are very powerful when applied correctly. Prayer of agreement and making decrees as a king are extremely important and may be the thing that’s missing from your prayers. This short video will give a brief introduction to this aspect of “kingdom operations”.   Continue reading “Video Blog: Kingdom Principles – Prayer of Agreement & Decrees”

Kingdom Alliances, Destinations & Callings

kingdom-alliancesWe are right now in a time described in the Bible as the “last days“.  For most of my life, I studied end times prophecy (eschatology) with a primarily negative perspective.  Only in the last couple years have I heard a very different type of message that transformed and balanced out my understanding.  This allowed me to have a more productive approach so I get in position for all God has planned now in this season.  Continue reading “Kingdom Alliances, Destinations & Callings”

Timing & Personal Breakthroughs: What Should You Do While Waiting?

Leap of FaithAre you in a waiting period, expecting and hoping for big things, but you have not yet seen them appear yet?  Have you ever asked the question about God’s timing in your personal circumstances?  Do you believe some things just don’t happen until God decides them?  Have you ever wondered what your part is in this, if you even have a part?
I’ve discovered some keys to help answer these questions and the basis for them is found right in the Bible.  Take a look at what I found and see how this can directly apply to your life right now.  These may surprise you…(hint: waiting is part of it but you can still miss your breakthrough if you only wait)…

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Personal Wilderness: The Ancient Pathway

WildernessHave you ever been in a situation completely beyond your control where everything seemed like it was coming to an end?  You may have lost a job or relationship or an opportunity you were really putting your hopes in.  Everything in your life totally shuts down and you are not the happiest person on the planet.  Here’s some good news:  I know very well what this is like.  Continue reading “Personal Wilderness: The Ancient Pathway”