Validating JMMI

Kingdom Reality Wake Up

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that I am constantly promoting Joshua Media Ministries International and Apostle David E. Taylor. I don’t need to go into a long explanation about who and what they are on this page because I’ve already done that in my blogs. What I do need to do is to get you up to speed on a kingdom reality that I’ve noticed many Christians have not figured out. I don’t suppose you’ve noticed in your daily life or in the Bible that there is a such thing as a devil and his job is to destroy everything that God is doing. That includes inciting attacks against those in ministry by all manner of false accusations and slander.

If you’re a Christian and you’ve missed this most basic point, it’s probably because you’ve never grown up and moved on from the childish realm of the church and into the real Kingdom of God (ouch). Yep, it’s true and I had to learn all this myself. This is why I have many blogs on this topic and you can find them under the blog categories, labeled “kingdom”. For many people, what I just said is unfortunately a foreign concept but I can almost always notice their mindset a long way off.

‼️STOP making judgments about people you don’t even know personally. Google and YouTube is NOT a valid source of reliable information!! (People who do that end up in hell.) ‼️

The whole problem comes when I tell people about Apostle Taylor and JMMI and rather than go to my blogs or straight to the JMMI website, they instead decide to go looking on the internet to see what other people (who they never met) have to say about all this. In case you didn’t figure it out by now…

The internet is just sooo full of ‘extremely reliable’ information posted by those who (of course) never have any subversive agendas. I once had to straighten this out with a family member who, after receiving a professional university degree where supposedly proper methods of research are taught, failed to remember the most basic part of “research”: KNOW THE RELIABILITY OF YOUR SOURCE.

Personal Direct Knowledge

For the purpose of establishing my own credibility… I am a retired 20 year US Air Force Lt Col, intelligence officer and graduate of a top US university. As an intelligence officer, I learned how to conduct research and to properly vet a source to know whether or not they are reliable.

I have learned by plenty of experience how to tell who is real and who is not. I DO NOT follow anyone who is not legitimate. If I ever felt there was something wrong with JMMI or Apostle Taylor, I would have figured that out long ago and would not continue following for several years. Also, I have attended all major events each year since 2015

It always amazes me the stupidity of people when God sends them to my website, and I help them, but then suddenly they think they know more than I do. And somehow conclude that I managed to miss “the truth” about JMMI and Apostle Taylor after all these years of my direct personal knowledge. REALLY?!?!

Speaking Of Spotting Fakes…

I have also posted several times that there are people making false accusations and and slander on websites and videos, particularly YouTube (which of course is the all knowing “fact checking god” of the universe). As suggested above, when you’re trying to find out about someone whom you don’t know, it is obviously a perfect strategy to go seeking that information from someone else whom you also don’t know. Uhh, just to make sure you eliminate as much confusion as possible (right).

But because there are so many who seem to miss that common sense logic… Below, are some intriguing videos including the daughter of Rick Frazier and others that helps do as the Bible says in Proverbs to make sure you hear the other side of the story before you agree with all the fraudulent accusations.

I know Katie Frazier and her mom Debra myself personally. They are the real thing and what they say is true. You might want to hear them yourself. One more reminder about a “kingdom reality”…

[Deep State] Accusations Are A Fact Of Reality

Everyone I have ever known who is legitimate in ministry have false accusers. Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Benny Hinn, Perry Stone, Doug Addison are fully legitimate and I have either seen them in person or had direct validations of them in dreams, just like I have for Apostle Taylor.  

To think that a man in ministry is only valid when they have no false accusers is absurdly naive and unbiblical. Let’s not forget the basic facts: ALL the apostles in the Bible were attacked constantly and most were put to death. Should be any different today… no. Sorry, I thought that was obvious!!

Proven pattern: Those who attack Apostle Taylor always fall into these categories: black-hating racists, pharisees, homosexuals, pedophiles and Judases. And that is exactly what the “Deep /State“ (illuminati) is made of. If you agree with those people then you are one of them.

Personal Validations

I myself have countless validations in dreams of Apostle Taylor in the last several years as seen in my blogs or on social media. Plus… I have a running testimony on many of how I was given a major personal prophecy by Apostle Taylor about a major energy technology breakthrough which Kim Clement spoke of a decade ago.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also had Jesus and God appear in my dreams in various ways exactly as Apostle Taylor teaches. None of that had ever happened before I came into contact with JMMI. My testimony and blogs speak for themselves.

So… if you come to me and you are stupid enough to believe the lies against Apostle Taylor, you can guarantee I will block you and you will receive NO help from me unless you repent of your wicked attitude. The below videos tell the rest of the story…