Mega Prophecy

“What is soon coming to earth will change life as you know it and make science fiction movies become reality.”

If you’re new to my website, you might have noticed I have a ton of blogs on science and technology that shows up in my dreams. There’s a reason for this and I wanted to take a minute to explain all that here.

Missing Life Purpose

Ever since the late 1990’s I’ve been on a quest to find out what God put me here for. Some of the things I wanted to do in life worked out but most of the biggest things did not. This forced me to go on a serious search because I could not accept the idea of living a life that, for lack of a better description, “looked like everyone else”. I knew there was a purpose why God put us here and I just could not accept the idea that I would live an entire life, not knowing why, nor fulfilling any of what God put me on this planet to do.

I spent several decades going to different types of churches and most of them were useless in helping me answer that question. I grew up Catholic but left that in my late 20’s because it became obvious something was not right. I then went to the mainstream Protestant churches (non-denominational, Baptist, mega-churches, etc), but I realized again, unfortunately something was wrong with all of them. But despite all that, I was smart enough to realize the problem was not with God but with the churches.

I knew the Bible was 100% correct and even found Bible study materials that proved that to the extreme technical engineering-level specifications. After 40 years of this, the biggest revelation finally hit me while deployed to Iraq with the US Air Force.

Unexpected Discovery

It was in 2011, in Camp Taji, Iraq that God began to prove to me that speaking in tongues, healing miracles and all kinds of supernatural manifestations, including how God speaks in dreams, were all still completely valid for today. To say I was shocked is an understatement. It then quickly occurred to me that my 40 years of an intellectual-only mindset (which had been reinforced by 4 decades of dead churches), was a very extreme roadblock to me.

I had the most impossible time transitioning from intellectual only to supernatural. If you saw the Marvel movie Doctor Strange, that is the Hollywood version of exactly what I went through. But, after several years of very intensive struggling, I finally began to learn this foreign new realm. What had been dormant my entire life – the spiritual realm that God made us all to live in was finally starting to come alive.

During this entire time of my process of supernatural transformation, one thing that also changed was my conviction to increase my financial giving to various ministries. Over a period of several years, I established a consistent pattern of giving very large amounts (by percentage of annual income) to certain ministries. All this added up to between 20 – 38% of total pre-tax annual income. And it was during this time that I asked God for away to make much more money so that I could give more.

And it was also during this time that I began to learn that there were still today, people like prophets and apostles, just like in “Bible days” and I realized that one of them was going to be able to help me answer my lifelong question of what am I doing here. But there was another very big piece of this that I must include here…

That brings us to July 2015 when I was contacted by exactly such a person (a real, modern-day apostle) and I was given a very big piece of my mystery puzzle. The prophecy alone didn’t give me too many exact details, but it answered my question that YES, God had a plan for me and He was going to reveal it to me! This then led to a new series of “science dreams” that I began having which were part of that prophecy.

Answer Arrives!! New Process Begins

It was July 2015 that Apostle David E. Taylor told me how God was going to give me an idea that would produce huge amounts of money and change my entire life. This “idea” was not specified in the prophecy and it was not until a year and a half later that one single mystery dream of the Pleiades stars and a power generating station on a far away planet finally broke the code.

It was such a bizarre dream that I was not able to interpret it. Instead, I had the help of a dream interpreter on the staff of Joshua Media Ministries International tell me very simply that this was about “an invention to power the planet”. When I heard those words, I was speechless. Never in my life had I imagined God was going to be telling me about things like this.

Fast forward to today, you see I have an entire series of blogs and videos that I’ve been posting here that explain what I have learned progressively in the years since receiving this “mega prophecy” from Apostle Taylor. You can see in the beginning, I had hardly any idea what was going on but in time, God began making everything much more specific and clear.

Apostle David E. Taylor (right), Chris Michals (left) at JMMI HQ

Template & Pattern For You

This series of blogs has come to serve as a template and pattern for how you can see the way God reveals things to you about your life purpose, just like He has for me. My entire website has therefore come to serve several functions – I tell how God speaks in dreams, how the supernatural works, everything I’ve learned since 2011 that changed my belief and faith in God completely and … it has become probably one of the first-ever live testimonies of how a huge technology breakthrough was given in dreams at night while we sleep and as well, the proof that they all came straight from the God of the Bible.

“One person’s testimony becomes a prophecy for another.”

So this is the very short version of the story of my “mega prophecy”. Now you see the big picture of what this website is all about and what all these blogs on technology are for. If you’re interested in more, check out all my blogs, videos and my ebook linked below where I tell much more about the process God put me through to get to the point where I am today. Believe me, the last several years has not been an easy road.

Much More Beyond This

But… just this story of my mega prophecy is not where all this ends! In addition to all these technology articles I have, God has also revealed other aspects of my purpose and calling which has been equally as unexpected and surprising as this. I hope you will read everything here and make the same discovery as I have that God has a plan and purpose for you and it is MUCH bigger than anything you would have imagined.

Check out my other website that I set up for all energy & space technology matters which will be related to this Mega Prophecy.

Next Step… Follow The Series!

Download my ebook and follow my ongoing series of podcasts and videos where I describe much more of the process I had to go through since receiving this “mega prophecy” and how this is a template and pattern you can use in your own life as well…