Personal Update: Transitions and New Realms of the Supernatural | August 2016

August Update_ Transitioning SeasonsHere’s an unusual post from me:  an update on what’s been going on and a look at where I’m aiming for next with this blog and myself in the immediate near future.  The past year plus has been a time of significant personal transition.  Transitions can be very rough depending on how you go into them.  They usually involve and require a significant internal change which then sets us up for what God has in store for us in the future.  For me, this has been pretty much the case. Continue reading “Personal Update: Transitions and New Realms of the Supernatural | August 2016”

Kingdom Financial Principles: Total Revolution

Kings (1)Readers of my blog may not know it, but financial provision and wealth is one of my top personal focus areas.  It’s actually hidden in many of my articles.  A few years ago I began to realize that I had a calling similar to Joseph and Daniel but had no idea how I would ever do the things they did.  I’ve since written many articles here about how I have been walking into their ability as a dream interpreter but now I’m going to hit on the prosperity side which Joseph is most well-known for.  Too many Christians are living by the worldly system of running after money out of fear of lack and as a result, are totally missing their true purpose and calling in life.  It’s time to destroy the lies of the enemy and get into God’s kingdom system of financial operations.   Continue reading “Kingdom Financial Principles: Total Revolution”

Macrocodes: Technology Parallels with High Confidence Dream Symbols

Macrocodes in Dreams (1)If you’ve been reading any of my articles, you probably realize that I put a high degree of confidence in what God is telling me through cryptic dreams with often bewildering night-time scenes.  Actually, you probably arrived at my blog because you were looking for help in figuring out what your own dreams meant and whether or not you should be taking them seriously.  Today I’m going to give another modern technology parallel I recently discovered that relates to these.  Using my own personal dream examples, I’ll show again why I put a very high value on what these are telling me.  Continue reading “Macrocodes: Technology Parallels with High Confidence Dream Symbols”

Stealth Technology and Natural World / Spirit World Parallels

Everything in the natural realm has a spiritual parallel.  Several years ago I began thinking about this concept and how many things we can see with our natural eyes have a direct relation to unseen spiritual matters. Here are a few brief thoughts on the topic of what I call “spiritual technology” and how it influences us in ways we cannot see with our eyes but can infer by peripheral observation.  Take a look and then use this as a launching point for picking up these parallels and applying them in your own daily life.   Continue reading “Stealth Technology and Natural World / Spirit World Parallels”

Snapshot Dreams: Prophetic Answers & Notices

photo-1452587925148-ce544e77e70dHave you ever seen brief images in dreams that seemed to be unrelated to any coherent thought?  Maybe you’ve had a very short scene unfolding that ends almost as fast as it began but it seems completely random and not connected to anything you can make sense of. I’m willing to bet you’ve probably thrown these out as nonsense or an imagination gone awry. But, have you ever considered that just maybe these have a real meaning? Continue reading “Snapshot Dreams: Prophetic Answers & Notices”

Validating the Supernatural

Star imageToday, I’m (finally) revealing the results of my recent study on the Biblical basis for supernatural signs and wonders that was lost thousands of years ago. Some of my blog followers are familiar with this material but, from my observation, the vast majority of people (regardless of beliefs) have never heard of any of this.  In this article, I’m going to catalog many of the major miracles and reveal how this goes way beyond just healing the sick. My intent is to show that there is so much more than we realize and it is all found either explicitly, or in some variation, right in the Bible.   Continue reading “Validating the Supernatural”

Numbers: Biblical Significance in Dreams and Prophecy

For those unaware of the study of prophetic meaning of numbers, this is not a small topic  unknown to scholars.  On the contrary, this is a very well understood subject especially in the prophetic realm. Not to mention, there is an entire book in the Bible called “Numbers” and it’s filled with them!  I learned over a decade ago that there are no insignificant details in the Bible.

Today, I’m going to tell a little about how numbers can have an extremely dense amount of information, especially regarding your personal life circumstances and more importantly, how to search out the meaning of these for yourself.  I will also include an astounding personal example from a dream and walk you through the process of decoding a number code.  After this, you will begin to understand the significance that numbers play prophetically and how God does in fact speak to you through them.  I can guarantee if you’re new to this concept, you will never overlook the meaning of these ever again.   Continue reading “Numbers: Biblical Significance in Dreams and Prophecy”

Personal Commentary: Faith and Prophecy

FAITHToday, I decided it’s time to answer a question that no one has ever asked me but I’m sure it’s been in the back of the minds of many people who have come across my articles.  It’s something that has probably been mostly at the subconscious level but, sooner or later you will be faced with needing an answer to the topic I am proposing today.  Ever since I began writing this blog, I’ve had to deal with the unavoidable predicament that much of my content concerning the interpretation of dreams is all futuristic.  The challenge this presents is that, at the time of writing most of these articles, no hard evidence exists to prove the interpretations will play out as expected. If you’ve ever had this question while reading about prophetic matters, today is your day – I’m about to provide you the answer!  Continue reading “Personal Commentary: Faith and Prophecy”