Intro to Face to Face Appearances: The Movement & Miracles | JMMI

KingsIt’s been two years now since I came in contact with Joshua Media Ministries International and Apostle David E. Taylor. For at least the last year, I’ve been hinting at my involvement with this ministry on my blogs but now this is the time to give my official intro. Included here is how I became part of the JMMI staff and my first-hand experiences with the ministry, teaching and miracles.

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VERSION 2 – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Intro to Understanding & Investing in the Digital Realm | Free Ebook

Crypto & Blockchain Version 2 ebookHere’s something a little outside of the normal content for my website. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become rapidly popular recently but still, most people really have no understanding of this relatively new digital realm. I did not either until January 2018, when I watched a video series by a popular pastor in Australia (Steve Cioccolanti), who brought out some insights that grabbed my attention – especially from a Biblical perspective. It was then that I realized the need to dive in and get fully educated.

Today, I’m giving a brief overview of my significantly updated version 2 free ebook that I originally wrote back around January of this year. It is more or less the fully written out results of my own study into all aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Here’s what’s in the ebook…

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Original Purpose & Intent of My Blog: Maybe Not What You Thought

Video Blog

There’s nothing like answering questions that no one has asked, right? For some strange reason not fully known to me, God has been pushing me to do a video where I explain what the original purpose(s) of my blog really was from the beginning. I have a feeling this is going to be necessary in ways I really don’t understand today and so I’m just going with what He is telling me and so… Here is my video where I describe how and why this website began. Thank you for watching!!

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Science Dreams Research Summary: Physics, Electronics, Space & Einstein

img_6578-1Since 2014, I’ve been having a strange series of dreams that all point to a huge part of my life calling. At first I really had no idea what was going on except that a theme began to slowly emerge – I was having a whole series of “science dreams”. Many of them were very symbolic and didn’t really give a whole lot of specifics at first. Because of that, I really wasn’t able to tell for a few years what was going on.

It was not until the beginning of 2017 that I finally came to the reality of what the general topic of these dreams were about and that I was in fact getting a research project from God that required me to begin studying topics that went way beyond my college degree or career experience. I now feel like I should post a summary of what this research project has led me to. This will help connect some dots that I have left intentionally vague in previous blog posts here.

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Before You Send Me A Dream Involving Witchcraft, Read This

img_6574-1In the last three years of doing online dream interpretations, I’ve received a number of dream requests that include witchcraft from all parts of the world. Several things have become increasingly apparent to me in my own process of learning how to deal with that type of demonic activity. Initially, I had no useful approach or skill in determining an effective response – and this became very aggravating.

But after three years and 1,500 emails, I’ve reached the point now where I’ve got much better insight and a new strategy that I’m using on all dream requests that involve any form of witchcraft. Therefore, before you send me a dream involving witchcraft, I am making it mandatory that you read this blog.

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Why Does God Show Us Literal Death in Dreams? Here Are A Few Reasons

thomas-bormans-357693-unsplashJust recently, I was asked by email about why God would show us literal death in dreams. It’s been more than a year since I wrote my last blog on death dreams and I’ve been wanting to write a new one. This is the perfect opportunity now because it’s a very common question. In the last couple years, I’ve learned a lot about the purpose and correct response to such dreams.

Death dreams are something you will almost certainly have at some point and it pays now to understand a few of the basics. By the time you finish this, I hope much of the possible confusion and misunderstandings about this type of dream will be cleared up. At the end, I’ll show you where you can get much more teaching on this subject and where I learned most of this myself.

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