Blog Update: New Products & Features | December 2016

dec-2016-blog-updateWith the end of 2016 in sight and 2017 right around the corner, I’m looking at a few expansion ideas for the new year. Friends and readers have made suggestions about things that I had been considering for much of the past year but the right timing and a few green lights were necessary before moving ahead.

Well…that time has come and I’m ready to announce some new products, features and opportunities that are either in the works or just being implemented now.  Take a look at what is on the list for 2017 and please give me your feedback.  Comments and suggestions are always helpful – thank you!   Continue reading “Blog Update: New Products & Features | December 2016”

Night and Darkness: Common Dream Setting With a Personal Message 

nighttime-scenesIf you have somewhat regular dreams, you’ve probably seen a nighttime or darkness setting more than a few times.  I myself have had my share of them.  Not long ago, I finally got to the point where I had seen a few too many of these and I decided it was time to do a further study to find out what I might be missing.

I had been believing that darkness or nighttime settings were all primarily negative indications, but I finally got to the point where that didn’t exactly make any sense in certain dreams.  To fill the possible gap in my understanding, I decided to do my own exhaustive Biblical word study.  In the midst of this, I discovered several new meanings which began to make a lot more sense in a few of my dreams. I do believe the answer to your own nighttime or darkness dreams will be found here in this article.   Continue reading “Night and Darkness: Common Dream Setting With a Personal Message “

Intro to Divine Healing Resources & My Personal Experiences

signs-will-followIt was only in 2010 that I had first begun hearing stories of healing miracles. As I’ve mentioned here in my website many times, I spent my entire life going to a variety of churches including Catholic and Protestant and not one time did I remember hearing anything about God healing people as we see in the book of Acts or any of the gospels, etc. When I first heard that miracles did still happen today, I was amazed and I wanted to believe it but I could not understand why I had never heard about this in my churches. The only thing I knew about was that “there were fakes out there”.

Well…I soon found out that the primary reason I never saw any miracles was because the churches I went to actively taught that either miracles do not exist anymore or else they claimed to believe in them but couldn’t tell three words about what God had to say on the matter. It was a huge battle for me to get past all this unbelief and to learn the truth that God does in fact heal people and He often uses people just like me to do it!  Fortunately, with a ton of intense study since 2010, I now have my own proof and testimonies that God does heal people exactly the same as we see in the Bible. Here’s a fairly broad intro to what I’ve learned, the top teachers I’ve learned from and some of my own healing testimonies.

(Note:  This is a basic intro-level article; if you already have experience in this subject, this was not written for you.)   Continue reading “Intro to Divine Healing Resources & My Personal Experiences”

Kingdom Activation Keys: How to Bring God’s Kingdom on Earth

KingsHave you ever wanted or needed things to happen in your life or your city or nation and all you knew to do was ask God to intervene?  Have you found this style of prayer of asking for everything not to be very effective in all circumstances? Have you ever noticed that this type of prayer most of the time makes you feel powerless to do anything yourself except to wait for God to come down and make something happen if He feels like it?  Well, I’ve noticed a few things lacking about this kind of prayer!  In fact, this is what I was taught for the majority of my life and the results were proof enough that something was seriously missing.

Fortunately, I have good news for you. I’ve been learning a few things that flips this gross error of passivity on its head. I’m going to present some keys which come straight from Jesus and put us back in the driver seat, returning the authority we were given 2,000 years ago so we can bring God’s kingdom here on earth now, as it is in Heaven.   Continue reading “Kingdom Activation Keys: How to Bring God’s Kingdom on Earth”

Personal Wilderness: The Ancient Pathway

WildernessHave you ever been in a situation completely beyond your control where everything seemed like it was coming to an end?  You may have lost a job or relationship or an opportunity you were really putting your hopes in.  Everything in your life totally shuts down and you are not the happiest person on the planet.  Here’s some good news:  I know very well what this is like.

In fact, this type of thing has repeated itself three times in my life and finally after a couple decades, I’ve finally discovered what this is all about.  What I learned completely changed my understanding of what these situations are all about and why we end up in them.  If you are in this situation now, there are some key points you need to understand and actions to take in order to come out with a total life turnaround and not repeat the experience.   Continue reading “Personal Wilderness: The Ancient Pathway”

Kings and Kingdoms: Our First Calling

KingsAround 2010, I began asking a question about what was going on with the church in light of the rapidly declining society in the US. What I could not figure out was, how could the church think it was doing such a great job when the evidence in society clearly revealed the opposite. Instead of people coming to the church, they were going away from it and to make matters worse, the people in the church appeared totally lost and acting exactly like those outside of it.

What I eventually discovered was that the problem had to do with a matter of “kingdom” and that looking at everything from the perspective of the church was the wrong angle. I’ll be adding to my kingdom series here, this time dealing with the structural aspect of a kingdom and what our part is in that. At the end is a video with many more insights on this huge subject.  Continue reading “Kings and Kingdoms: Our First Calling”

Rebukes and Corrections in Dreams: What They Mean and How to Respond

Warn sin dreamsWhat would you think if you saw some wild animals with large teeth casually standing around in a dream?  What about seeing yourself on a boat in very choppy waves on the ocean? Have you ever had a disagreement or argument with someone or acted in a foolish or ugly manner and right after that, you get a negative and disturbing dream?  Well, I have. More than once! Take a look at some of the dreams I’ve had and see if any of these rings a bell with you. If so, this is good news for you; now you’ll know what these are all about and what you need to do in response.  Chances are everyone reading this has had these types of dreams. They are very common and the reason for these is to reveal behavior or attitudes that need prompt attention and correction on your part.   Continue reading “Rebukes and Corrections in Dreams: What They Mean and How to Respond”

Dreams About Death: Literal Warning or Symbolic?  Consider This

photo-1470326072634-ea0b6a6a650dHere’s a type of dream that can cause significant concern. Probably one of the last things you’d want to see in a dream is yourself or someone else you know being killed or dying of various causes. Dreams of death and dying are not necessarily the most common on a daily basis, but they aren’t completely uncommon either. If you haven’t yet had one of these yourself, maybe you at least know someone who has. Either way, if not yet, you will at some point most likely get one of these. Here are some ways to know what these mean and whether or not you should be concerned.   Continue reading “Dreams About Death: Literal Warning or Symbolic?  Consider This”