Podcast 2: Blog Updates, Interpretations, Professionalism & Global Events

Podcast (1)This is my second official podcast for the blog.  Others are now in the works and will augment my writing.  In this episode, I’m giving some helpful info about new additions to what you will find on my site.  Here are the topics for today:

  • Anticipated schedule change and effect on dream interpretations
  • Professional and standards of behavior for communications
  • Possible new trend in dreams involving world events
  • Where you can find my videos and podcasts
  • Reliable resources and networks for those following global events

My podcasts are also currently being uploaded to my YouTube channel in the “Podcast” playlist.  There is also a “video playlist” where you can find my most recent videos as I upload them. Podcasts are not yet uploaded into the Apple iTunes feed, watch for an announcement when that is ready.

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Professionalism, Standards of Conduct & Personal Communications

ProfessionalismToday, the need arose to discuss matters of professionalism, standards of conduct and appropriate behavior as it relates to how I do my work here on this website. After two years of writing articles and interacting with followers, this is a good time to lay out some guidelines.

Just so everyone understands where I’m coming from, I’m going to include relevant parts of my personal career background and training in executive-level leadership. From this point on, this article will serve to publicize my own personal standards that I aim to live by and the expectations I have for those who contact me.   Continue reading “Professionalism, Standards of Conduct & Personal Communications”

Podcast 1: Website Admin, Store Products & Social Media Connect

Podcast (1)This is my first official podcast for the blog.  Many others are planned and will augment my writing.  In some cases, I may prefer to talk than write so be sure to check these out since they will possibly contain different content than what you will find in my articles.  In this episode, I’m giving some helpful info about what’s on my site.  Here are the topics for today:
Continue reading “Podcast 1: Website Admin, Store Products & Social Media Connect”

Video Blog 1: Introduction to Me and the Website

Video Blog (1)The time has finally arrived and I’m now adding something new to my blog posts.  This is my first video blog where you can now get to know me as more than just a writer and a photo.  I’ll be adding more of these in the near future, including audio podcasts. For this first video, here are the topics I’m covering:  Continue reading “Video Blog 1: Introduction to Me and the Website”

Kingdom Alliances, Destinations & Callings

kingdom-alliancesWe are right now in a time described in the Bible as the “last days“.  For most of my life, I studied end times prophecy (eschatology) with a primarily negative perspective.  Only in the last couple years have I heard a very different type of message that transformed and balanced out my understanding.  This allowed me to have a more productive approach so I get in position for all God has planned now in this season.  Continue reading “Kingdom Alliances, Destinations & Callings”