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Why Are Dreams So Hard to Understand?!, by Chris Michals

This is my updated version 3 ebook in EPUB format that provides a concise but broad introduction to the vast realm of how God speaks to us in our dreams at night.  In this newly expanded product, you’ll learn about the basis for the metaphoric symbolism and the reasons why it is actually to your advantage that they are not more straightforward. Included are keys and suggestions to learning to interpret dreams and the many surprises that may come along if you become proficient as an interpreter.  This is a free ebook, donations are always appreciated! (55 pages)

Summary of contents… 

  • Why do dreams have symbolic images in them?
  • Are the messages in dreams hidden by God intentionally?
  • Does God have a Biblical precedent for communicating in this manner?
  • What are some keys to looking up the meaning of symbols?
  • What kind of dreams are there and who gets them?
  • What kinds of things are revealed in dreams and what might I be missing by not understanding them?

The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose, by Chris Michals

Version 2 is coming soon…

Have you noticed that hardly anyone knows what God put them here for? This is what I discovered about myself several years ago. In the process of searching for my answer, I was given a huge “mega prophecy” in July 2015 and God then began revealing much about that in my dreams at night. But I soon found out that I had a major problem – I had almost no advance instructions for how to walk out a major life calling prophecy. This ebook is just the beginning of a comprehensive summary of the most critical principles I learned during these last few years. This ebook is a pattern and template that you can use for your own search to find your God-given purpose. (69 pages in EPUB & Kindle formats)

Summary of contents… 

  • World-changing breakthroughs that came in dreams at night.
  • The example of my own first-ever life calling dream and how it progressed into many others in a series (yours may also). 
  • How to operate in two realms – bringing your life calling dreams into reality.
  • Becoming supernatural detective – the search for what is hidden for you.
  • Triangulating clues to unlock your God-given mystery.
  • Why this process can be very lengthy and what’s happening when it seems nothing is happening. 
  • The kingdom business of God & the supernatural currency of divine transactions.
  • How God gives you “the idea” that will change your life. 

Marvel Dream Revelations: The Return of the Ancient Glory Powers of God, by Chris Michals

Have you noticed one of the most popular themes in movies and TV shows is unusual supernatural abilities? The increase in these themes should come as no surprise but many Christians do not realize God is using these movies to illustrate a Biblical truth that we were ALL made with the potential to develop these marvel-level supernatural abilities. In this ebook, I have explained in-depth, what God showed me about these abilities in my dreams AND the revelations about how to begin developing them right now. (Pages: ~164 EPUB & Kindle, 120 PDF)

Here is a partial list of what I’m discussing in this ebook…

  • What are marvels and where are they in the Bible.
  • The purpose of these abilities and why it is critical to the entire world that we have them in operation.
  • Two categories of marvels – supernatural and technology, along with examples from my dreams.
  • “Truth in plain sight” in movies and TV shows that illustrate marvelic abilities and God’s training program.
  • My experience with the process of developing “marvel faith” and how my dreams changed after I passed key tests proving I had advanced in God’s training program.

Hundreds of top resources…

The Empire of God – Sonship – Marvels & Glory Realm – Dreams – Face to Face with The Godhead – Inheritance By Lineage (Books & Audio downloads)


Kingdom of God


Face-to-Face Appearances from Jesus, by David E. Taylor 

When David E. Taylor was seventeen years old, he was involved in drugs, gangs, and shootings but Jesus appeared to him in a dream and instantly, his life was transformed. Since then, Apostle Taylor has received one thousand visitations by Jesus in dreams, visions and in the natural realm.  Jesus told him to write this book and anyone who reads it will also receive a personal visitation.

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My Trip to Heaven: Face to Face with Jesus, by David E. Taylor  

David E. Taylor was taken to Heaven and experienced many things that most of us only wonder about.  In this book, you will find out what Heaven looks like, gain wisdom and insight concerning your destiny and life’s assignment here on Earth, learn more about God’s love demonstrated through His discipline and chastisement as a loving Father and get a glimpse of what God’s great throne room looks like and the activity that goes on there.

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Courtroom Of Heaven


Other Books On Various Subjects

Urgency of the Time Factor of Dreams

Understanding the Urgency of the Time Factor of Dreams, by David E. Taylor

Dreams contain time factors of various sorts. Timing can sometimes be discerned in coded symbols, such as by the counting of objects equating to days, weeks, etc. Others are less specific and based on the level of a feeling of urgency. Still others are based on the appearance of certain details in the dream such as the age of a person seen relative to what their current age is right now. Apostle David E. Taylor gives insights into how you can understand God’s metaphoric speech in this area of discerning the time factors of your dreams. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain this product.

Office of the Dreamer

The Office of the Dreamer of Dreams, by David E. Taylor

In the Bible, there is a such thing as the “office of the dreamer”. Just like there is an office of a prophet, pastor, etc, a dreamer is also one of these but is at the kingdom level, not church level. Joseph was a dreamer, Daniel was both a dreamer and prophet. The knowledge of how this office functions will give you necessary keys to understanding the power of the signs and wonders that accompany the dreamer. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain this product.

Gods Ransom Death in Dreams

God’s Ransom From Death: The Dream Officer, by David E. Taylor

Did you know that God warns us of premature death in dreams? ​Did you know that Abraham Lincoln saw his death in a dream before it happened but didn’t understand it?Not all deaths are “God’s will”! When you understand the power of dreams to save lives and the office of the dreamer, you will see how it is possible to cancel a death assignment that is planned by the devil to stop you or someone else from achieving your calling in life. Dreams of death must be taken seriously and acted on immediately. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain this product.


God Given Dreams Revealed Scientific Breakthrough, by David E. Taylor

Did you know that Google came from a dream? Did you know that Thomas Edison discovered the light Bulb in the dream? The sewing machine needle, the understanding of the atomic structure of benzene and Einstein’s discoveries all came from dreams. What next great invention has been given to you in a dream? What dream has been given to you to make you to prosper? Dreams are a major avenue for how God brings new scientific breakthroughs to earth. Contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain this product.

Sonship in the Kingdom of God (CD & DVD package) / The God Realm (CD & book), by David E. Taylor

Did you ever stop and think how God did not create Adam to be a pastor or prophet, going to church every Sunday? Nope! God made Adam with dominion over all the creation – land, water, air, fire, etc. Have you noticed that men like Moses, Elijah, Joshua and many others also had such powers? Ever wonder why? Hint: it’s what you will find out when you get the products pictured above. See my blogs where I introduce all of these for a start and then contact Joshua Media Ministries International to obtain these products. Sonship and the God-Realm require a deliberate process of maturing into something much, much more than just a “church person” with no power.  You must get these to reach the real calling God intended for us from the beginning of time.