Overcoming Intellectual Barriers to the Supernatural: A Hollywood Illustration

Intellectualism & Supernatural (1)Are you relatively new to the realm of the supernatural? Have you ever been to a church that teaches on the unseen spiritual realm? If you have a background in the western educational system or in western churches, you probably have a giant zero in all this. And that is exactly how I lived for most of my life.

I was programmed from birth by this sort of mindset that believes anything you can’t see with your eyes or measure with a scientific instrument, doesn’t exist. Intriguingly, I recently watched a movie where almost the exact same process I had to go through myself was perfectly illustrated. If you’re a fan of the Marvel Avengers movies, keep reading…

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Prophetic Timing Gaps: What Does it Mean When Nothing Happens?!

Prophetic Timing & GapsRecently I received some questions by email about an odd situation. A couple readers were asking me about a sequence of personal prophecies that seemed to stall out in midstream. Several events played out very accurately in their real lives but then suddenly, everything seemed to just come to an abrupt halt, leaving the remaining events in suspended animation.

No pun intended here but the timing of those emails, plus a few others in the last several weeks were oddly “coincidental” with my own personal search for better clues to discern prophetic timing. In the process of my replying to these readers, some new insights came to me that I think will help you get a better understanding of prophetic gaps should you find yourself in one of these also.  Continue reading “Prophetic Timing Gaps: What Does it Mean When Nothing Happens?!”

Timing & Personal Breakthroughs: What Should You Do While Waiting?

Leap of FaithAre you in a waiting period, expecting and hoping for big things, but you have not yet seen them appear yet?  Have you ever asked the question about God’s timing in your personal circumstances?  Do you believe some things just don’t happen until God decides them?  Have you ever wondered what your part is in this, if you even have a part?
I’ve discovered some keys to help answer these questions and the basis for them is found right in the Bible.  Take a look at what I found and see how this can directly apply to your life right now.  These may surprise you…(hint: waiting is part of it but you can still miss your breakthrough if you only wait)…

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Personal Commentary: Faith and Prophecy

FAITHToday, I decided it’s time to answer a question that no one has ever asked me but I’m sure it’s been in the back of the minds of many people who have come across my articles.  It’s something that has probably been mostly at the subconscious level but, sooner or later you will be faced with needing an answer to the topic I am proposing today.  Ever since I began writing this blog, I’ve had to deal with the unavoidable predicament that much of my content concerning the interpretation of dreams is all futuristic.  The challenge this presents is that, at the time of writing most of these articles, no hard evidence exists to prove the interpretations will play out as expected. If you’ve ever had this question while reading about prophetic matters, today is your day – I’m about to provide you the answer!  Continue reading “Personal Commentary: Faith and Prophecy”

Prophetic Perspective: Star Wars, The Force Awakens


One of the prophets I follow, Doug Addison, regularly talks about how God speaks through media.  He says that prophetic messages can be discovered in sporting events, the news, art, TV and movies which can metaphorically point to a “right now” message that God has for a city, nation or the world.  After hearing about this, I began looking more closely at media in ways that in the past, I would never have even given three seconds of thought towards.  Readers of this blog have already seen my first serious attempt at this exact concept when I wrote an article about a metaphoric interpretation of art based on a painting I bought from a local art show.  Well, today, we are about to see how this same idea can be applied to the newest sequel of one of the most popular movies of all time:  Star Wars.   Continue reading “Prophetic Perspective: Star Wars, The Force Awakens”