Marvels & Glory Powers

Have you noticed the exponential increase in movie and TV show themes where people have unusual supernatural abilities? There is a reason for this! God put into all of us His DNA likeness. The Bible clearly says that we are “made in His image and likeness” but many have not connected the dots and realized that we are in our current state, far short of what God designed us to be.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Genesis 1:26 (KJV)

In the last decade, I have been in a process that has led me to realize increasingly that God gave us the potential to be much more than we could ever have imagined. But paradoxically, the only time we see the evidence of this is mostly in secular movies. The realm of the church has completely missed the mark and is stuck in religion that is increasingly irrelevant to the outside world.

God began a process with me starting at the simplest of the supernatural in 2011 and then He slowly revealed more and more, ultimately leading to the realization that much of what we see in our movies has solid Biblical truth behind it. I call it “truth hidden in plain sight”.

This book and the associated video series by the same name is my own personal developing testimony of what God has revealed to me as I’ve been on this path of learning more and more about what our real purpose is here on earth right now in this lifetime.

A Light Speed Jump To New Dimensions

What you’ll see here will go beyond anything I have said so far in my blogs and none of this is fantasy! All this is real and I have backed up everything with multiple sources that you can go to and learn the whole foundation that supports what I have to tell.

In order to accept what I’m discussing in this book, you must give up almost everything you’ve learned in the church realm because it is severely limiting. A lot of churches talk about big things but even when they do, almost none of them actually have anything other than academic lectures and children’s stories that repeat the same stuff, year after year.

Until we get serious and admit the truth that the stuff we have in our churches is getting us nowhere, we cannot and will not, ever do what God intended for us. But that right there is an offense to many church people. And that is the first test they fail and it shuts them out from all that you’ll read here.

If you have any amount of spiritual pride, you will be very limited in what you can achieve. Your pride will block you off, partly because you will be stopping yourself but partly because God will be resisting you in whatever area you have that pride.

Marvel Powers Revealed In My Dreams

We lost our original rank and position when satan tricked Adam and Eve into giving up their crown by submitting to his instruction to eat the forbidden fruit. But Jesus came, not only to give us eternal salvation, but to restore our potential to regain everything we lost.

Until we get back our full sovereign reign in each of the domains of creation, we are far short of what God originally created us to be. Again, why do we have movies that depict Aquaman communicating with fish and swimming with them? Why do we have Superman flying like a bird? Truth in plain sight – our creativity expresses what is in our DNA likeness of God.

  • Time Travel. 
  • Divine Emperors.
  • Kratos power of God.
  • Moving things with the mind.
  • Supernatural transport and flying.
  • Abilities seen by superheroes in Marvel movies.
  • Mastery and dominion over the 5 elements of creation.
  • Marvel dreams revealing global technology breakthrough.

Real Life Superheroes In Short Supply

Understanding the context and reasons why God needs us to develop as I’ve explained and gives solid motivation to go after this advanced supernatural realm. But if you never hear anyone teaching like this, you will probably never think of such possibilities. That is also why God gave me the idea to do this series – quite often we won’t do anything new unless we hear it from someone else first, along with enough solid proof that it’s real.

Throughout this book and video series, I have extensively and repeatedly referred to the resources that have helped me learn to advance toward regaining sonship. These include the following books and audio teachings on the Kingdom of God, Sonship, Marvels and Miracles, The Glory Realm, Mastery and Dominion Over the Five Elements, The Kingdom of God and The Empire of God… this plus many more! By saturating myself repeatedly in these materials, God took me through the process of establishing the foundational knowledge and faith that I needed.

Become A Real-Life Superhero!

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