Animals in Dreams: How To Find The Meaning | Reader Testimony

img_0182-1How many times have you seen animals in your dreams but didn’t know what they meant? Probably you have, several times. God speaks to us in metaphors and so it should be no surprise that He often uses His own creation as symbols to illustrate something we need to know. Trees, water, storms, mountains and stars are all common symbols that we should expect to see at some point in our dreams. So how do we find the meaning of them? Well…don’t worry – it’s probably easier than you might think.

Here are a few tips I gave a reader who sent me a dream with a bear and elephants. This dream was about a work situation and God used those animals to tell something rather important. Check it out…

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Reader Testimony! Life Calling Dream Submission

Flag of Zimbabwe

It’s time for another personal testimony by a reader who submitted a dream for interpretation.  Last time I posted one of these was a year ago when a friend from Kenya sent several dreams to me. This newest testimony comes from a woman who lives in the US, but is originally from Zimbabwe.

Many of the dreams I received from this new friend dealt with her life calling and some even look like scenes from an action movie.  I was rather impressed by these!   Continue reading “Reader Testimony! Life Calling Dream Submission”

Reader Testimony! Actual Dream Submission

Flag of Kenya
Around two months ago, I received my first request for dream interpretation from someone in Kenya who found my blog based on a comment I posted on a prophetic website.  Literally a couple hundred emails later, this new follower became a personal friend of mine and now accepted my request to post one of many interpretations I gave her right here.

This was one of the very first dream submissions that I received right after offering free interpretations right here through this blog site.  Since this was a new step of faith for me in interpreting dreams online, I was very surprised myself how well it turned out!  Take a look below and you can see what I received, what I replied back with, and the real-life circumstances of my friend.  After that, check out some observations I made from this experience in connecting with a person from the opposite side of the world!   Continue reading “Reader Testimony! Actual Dream Submission”