Supernatural Science

It Was A Dream That Changed Everything

It was the Spring of 2014 and I had a dream that was going to change the entire direction of my life. In this dream, I was standing in the driveway in front yard of the house I grew up in. It was a blue sky, sunny day. As I was looking at the sky, I saw, approaching from distance, over the house toward the backyard, a large jumbo jet. This jet was flying low and slow as if it was performing a flyby at an airshow in front of a crowd so that the details of its design could be seen.

The first thing I noticed was this jet was huge. It had two very large engines under the wings. As it passed directly overhead, I saw a third very large engine right under the main body (fuselage) of the jet. Then as it flew away, I saw two more very large engines in a long tail wing structure at the back of the jet. The total number of engines were five. I then noticed that this jet was painted all white.

I had the sense that it carried no passengers but was something like a NASA space technology aircraft that could fly extremely long distances and high altitudes while performing scientific assignments. I then had a perception that the jet had a crew of four (two pilots and two others). I saw the side profile of one of these crew members – a man who was somewhat older and had the most calm, confident and wise demeanor of anyone I had ever met. Then the dream ended.

The “Science Dreams” Series

In the years following this dream, God slowly revealed more about the meaning of this dream and I was able to understand various elements of it one at a time. I had many more dreams (probably 50 as of the time of writing this ebook) where God began to be much more specific about what each symbol on this jet meant.

Some of my dreams had Star Wars movie references, others had distant planets and stars, some referred to scientists like Einstein, Tesla and Calvin and required me to research their work. I saw solar panels, hydroelectric generators and an extremely high energy plasma beam. Other dreams then progressed to more movie references… Back to the Future, Marvel Avengers and Star Trek.

I saw more jets, including military fighters, with unusual modifications that pointed to technology I thought only existed in movies. Some of these became validations of bizarre and obscure testimonies of men who had worked and seen strange things hidden in secret underground complexes at Area 51 in Tonopah, Nevada. Had I not had those dreams, I would have no reason to believe the validity of what those men told.

But that’s just the beginning. Other dreams revealed bizarre supernatural manifestations (miracles) that have not been seen here on earth for thousands of years. All of these were God’s way of walking me through the process of revealing and developing me for the purpose and calling He had intended from the beginning of time. And what you see here, you can do also.

And remember the point I made at the top – this first NASA jumbo jet dream became the foundation or launching point from which all my other life calling dreams on this topic followed. Space, energy, technology, physics, global reach / travel, just to name a few. Expect God to do something very similar with you as well.

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