Original Purpose & Intent of My Blog: Maybe Not What You Thought

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There’s nothing like answering questions that no one has asked, right? For some strange reason not fully known to me, God has been pushing me to do a video where I explain what the original purpose(s) of my blog really was from the beginning. I have a feeling this is going to be necessary in ways I really don’t understand today and so I’m just going with what He is telling me and so… Here is my video where I describe how and why this website began. Thank you for watching!!

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Science Dreams Research Summary: Physics, Electronics, Space & Einstein

img_6578-1Since 2014, I’ve been having a strange series of dreams that all point to a huge part of my life calling. At first I really had no idea what was going on except that a theme began to slowly emerge – I was having a whole series of “science dreams”. Many of them were very symbolic and didn’t really give a whole lot of specifics at first. Because of that, I really wasn’t able to tell for a few years what was going on.

It was not until the beginning of 2017 that I finally came to the reality of what the general topic of these dreams were about and that I was in fact getting a research project from God that required me to begin studying topics that went way beyond my college degree or career experience. I now feel like I should post a summary of what this research project has led me to. This will help connect some dots that I have left intentionally vague in previous blog posts here.

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Animals in Dreams: How To Find The Meaning | Reader Testimony

img_0182-1How many times have you seen animals in your dreams but didn’t know what they meant? Probably you have, several times. God speaks to us in metaphors and so it should be no surprise that He often uses His own creation as symbols to illustrate something we need to know. Trees, water, storms, mountains and stars are all common symbols that we should expect to see at some point in our dreams. So how do we find the meaning of them? Well…don’t worry – it’s probably easier than you might think.

Here are a few tips I gave a reader who sent me a dream with a bear and elephants. This dream was about a work situation and God used those animals to tell something rather important. Check it out…

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Dream Revelations: Common Types & Explanations | JMMI Video Interview

KingsIn anticipation of the upcoming July 2018 JMMI Dream Conference in Taylor, Michigan, a recent video interview was held between gospel singer Vicki Yohe and Apostle David E. Taylor. This was a Facebook live video done to preview some of topics that will be taught in that event.

The interview linked below contains many of the answers to the most common questions about what your dreams mean and how to properly handle them. In addition, insights and revelations were discussed that are not found in any other teaching outside of Joshua Media Ministries International. Below is the link to the video as well as the dream interpretation contact information for the JMMI staff. Check it out!

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Dual Messages in Dreams: Identity, Life Calling & Direction | Common Dreams

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In today’s video, I’m discussing a type of dream that can be confusing if you don’t realize it’s possible to get more than one message from the same dream. I’m explaining a very recent example of my own dream where two completely different meanings were given and they both played out exactly within a two-week period. The symbols in this dream are commonly seen and often sent to me in the many email requests I get for interpreting dreams. Check this out and let me know what you think – this should help you to understand what happens when a dream has two meanings!  Continue reading “Dual Messages in Dreams: Identity, Life Calling & Direction | Common Dreams”