Dreams of Famous People & Sports: How to Understand the Symbolic Meaning | Reader Testimony

Here’s a video based on a dream that was sent to me involving two famous people – an actor and an influential leader. The dream also involved a reference to a popular sport. I’ll be telling what the dream was and explaining each of the symbols and how the interpretation was a perfect match to the events going on in this person’s life. This is a great example of a life-calling or personal assignment dream where God is speaking metaphorically, using modern-day references and images to give insight and direction regarding His plans for your life.  Continue reading “Dreams of Famous People & Sports: How to Understand the Symbolic Meaning | Reader Testimony”

Numbers: Biblical Significance in Dreams and Prophecy (Updated)

Occasionally, I look back at previous articles to see if any updates or amendments may be necessary based on anything new I’ve learned. Many times I will delete an article that is “outdated” based on my current understanding. This article here was originally written almost two years ago and it has been one of the most popular on my site.

But in the last two years, I’ve made a lot of progress in interpreting dreams and in my understanding of the prophetic meaning of numbers. As a result, I’ve decided to edit and repost this article that was originally published on March 9, 2016. Most of this is the same except for a few additions and subtractions.   Continue reading “Numbers: Biblical Significance in Dreams and Prophecy (Updated)”

What Happens When a Dream Cannot Be Easily Interpreted?!

There are times when a dream cannot be interpreted by someone like myself. You can ask 10 people who all know correct Bible-based dream interpretation and not one of them will give you the correct answer. To be honest, this is rather aggravating for me because I have studied several years and feel like I should be able to get the meaning. In this video, I’m giving some reasons why it may not be possible for someone like myself to interpret a dream. This might be a good video for you to watch in the event you find yourself in this situation after having sent me a dream that I have no ability to interpret.
Continue reading “What Happens When a Dream Cannot Be Easily Interpreted?!”

Castles, Mountains, Snow, Clear Sky & Flying in Dreams

Here’s another video where I’m discussing a recent dream involving flying near a scene of a castle on top of a snowy mountain that overlooks a valley. I was in an airplane that resembled a combination of a glider plus a scenic tour airplane. I’m going to walk through each of the elements and describe what the possible symbolisms might mean. I’ll also tell what to do when you can’t immediately get a good understanding of a certain symbol. Check the bottom of this article for a great photo of a scene that looked very similar to what I saw in this dream.  Continue reading “Castles, Mountains, Snow, Clear Sky & Flying in Dreams”

Camping, Stars, Clear & Cloudy Sky: Biblical Prophetic Symbols

This was a very short dream I had where I saw a night sky with very clear stars like points of light. The sky was partly clear and partly cloudy. This was a camping setting with some unknown people. In this video, I’m discussing the possible meanings of each – most likely you will see some of these in your own dreams. Also included is a tip for how you can fast-track your learning process for interpreting dreams.
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