Wilderness Church: How To Know You’re Going Nowhere | Kingdom Maturity

Back by popular demand! Due to the nature of the content I’ve been posting lately, it has occurred to me that it’s time once again for a mandatory kingdom training blog. I recently had several dreams that looked very much like a follow up to a couple blogs I did last year and having thought about these for a little bit, I realized it was time to post an update on this unfortunately unavoidable subject.

A couple of my dreams in the last few months had scenes that either came straight out of a desert or showed me a view of a church from 10 years ago that was basically dead with no real beliefs. In two of these dreams, there was an unfortunate connection to one very popular pastor (who I like very much) and the message was unpleasantly clear. But this wasn’t the first time this kind of dream showed up unsuspectingly for me.

An Unpleasant Experience With Reality

Regrettably, I have to briefly allude to an experience I had last year while doing live broadcasts on Periscope to relatively huge audiences (greater than 10,000 viewers). I did a series of broadcasts because God clearly was pushing me to get on for the purpose of getting my own testimony out about my upcoming technology invention and how God has been showing me astounding clues to what it will be in a now 6-year series of “science dreams”.

All went well (mostly) until I began getting a certain kind of emails and comments from an increasing number of people that was very hard to believe. The group was largely made up of “Spirit-filled Christians” (quotes intentional) and should have been a mature audience that would have led to something really great both for them and myself. Well, you see where this is going… my optimistic and hopeful approach was proven to be rather naive.

There were a number of serious problems with that group, which could all be put straight into the category of overgrown babies… 40, 50, 60+ year olds who acted like a herd of spiritual swine. Ouch. Hey… if I didn’t have to write all this, believe me, I would have been happier not to. Intriguingly, before and after this Periscope experiment took place, I had a few dreams that basically explained what was going on here. Rather than tell it all over again, I’ll post the links to those previous blogs here…

I really hope you’ll at least scan those over because those dreams showed the state of the vast majority of all churches and specifically what the problems are. Not very good. Even more intriguing is the number of people who have written to me who were not part of that Periscope audience who, even after I showed them these blogs, still did nothing with what was very clearly a report card that they themselves were revealed to be in that same category.

Let’s see… where have I heard this, “many are called but few are chosen”. Any idea why that second part “few”?? Stop reading Jesus’ words and assuming they apply to someone else. No. Based on my observation of people who I’ve dealt with in my blog interactions, those words apply to almost ALL of them.

You Need Your Report Card – This Is Standard Kingdom ROE

If you think it’s strange that God would give dreams with a “report card” and a correction required theme, all you have to do is turn to Revelation 2 – 3 and you’ll find a few examples. Not to mention, I already wrote a blog several years ago about how it is very normal for God to give corrections and warnings in your own dreams, and… if He is not doing that, you have a serious problem because all of us need Him to tell us what we need to fix.

But I have a few things against you…

Revelation 2:14 (NKJV)

Nevertheless I have a few things against you…

Revelation 2:20 (NKJV)

My point in today’s blog is not to repeat what I have said in the past but to comment on something in addition to what I said previously. In many of my recent blogs, I have spoken on supernatural manifestations that fall into the fully mature sonship level. This is where God will begin restoring what was lost at the sin of Adam and Eve and bringing back those supernatural abilities that have hardly been seen since the Old Testament prophets and Jesus.

I have said repeatedly whenever I mention this sonship topic that unless you go through God’s required training process, you will never see any of these glory and marvel powers operating through you. Never. Unless of course, you want to go the path of the cheap demonic counterfeit (there’s always two ways to access what God made available). And that now finally brings us to the topic for today…

The Wilderness Has Become Socially Acceptable

The modern day church is stuck firmly in the wilderness. Why? Lots of reasons! First, because they are teaching things that were outdated the day they first “introduced” them. Things that fall into the category of what you are supposed to learn as a spiritual baby. I’m talking about supernatural abilities that prophetic realm teachers make such a big deal about (words of knowledge and prophetic words, etc).

“What you all have done is that you have created babies because most of the leaders today are still babies. This is not what I died for. You all teach my children to become what you all already are” I was really perplexed by what the Lord was saying, “… most of the leaders today are still babies.”
“This is what He said to me, “It matters if you have reached sonship. You are all supposed to be teaching my children to become sons of God, not apostles or prophets. That was given to every man or woman at their natural birth.””

The Mysteries of the Kingdom of God by David E. Taylor

Second, because there is an entire swath of these teachers that have no knowledge of mandatory kingdom protocols which require you to grow up and become mature. These teachers magnify verses like 2 Cor 3:17 “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty…” and they teach it like you can do whatever you want and act completely like a fruitcake and wacko and somehow that’s acceptable. Humm… I really don’t remember Jesus teaching that kind of nonsense…

Third, because these big name worldwide leaders still do not understand that the fivefold ministry positions (apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, evangelist) are NOT kingdom level positions, but are servant level. These are in the church, not in the kingdom and they are supposed to serve to bring you into full maturity so you can enter your kingship role.

Unfortunately, that is not what the vast majority of them are doing. And again, the biggest problem is because they fail to understand the most basic fact that church-level matters are in the realm of babies and children. None of this is at the fully mature kingdom and sonship levels.

“Kingdom“ Is Not Just A Buzzword

If all you are going to do is keep listening to these people, you will never advance beyond the stuff they are teaching. I have repeatedly posted links to the source of everything I am saying here and most of the time, I get the same attitude from people who would rather stay firmly entrenched in their childish church comfort zones and refuse to do anything but sing about wanting “more of God” but as soon as that “more” shows up, they run away and call it “demonic”. Idiots.

I really wish I could post the names of these extremely well known pastors with their big churches that are followed worldwide. But it is a kingdom mandate not to do that unless you have a high ranking God-given position of leadership where you can appropriately do so. And that’s another thing… most church people who throw the “kingdom” word around don’t even know another basic fact that kingdoms are a form of government and that means there is a such thing as rank. To say everyone is equal and refuse to acknowledge this is the deep rooted American church attitude of rebellion and dishonor.

Let’s not even bring up racism in church leaders because as soon as I bring up the man who I have repeatedly acknowledged here as my own spiritual father, David E. Taylor, (a black preacher), now you see that most of those I anonymously referred to above are all white caucasian male and female church leaders who I have almost never seen at any JMMI event in the 5 years since I’ve been connected. Slam. Do I really need to continue?

“One reason why many do not understand their kingship is because they have been influenced by western civilization. America is westernized and many in this land do not understand anything about kingdoms, authorities, emperors, kings, and princes. The Bible is a royal book. James calls it the Royal Law (James 2: 8). The Bible mentions words like scepters, rods of iron, thrones, kingdoms, crowns, but we do not understand royalty, and that is what has been wrong with the church.”

The Kingdom of God – Part I: Recovery of the Crown by David E. Taylor

Ask The Right Questions – Get The Right Answers

This is why you hear these preachers (again, many of them I really like) constantly teaching the same stuff year after year, telling the same stories over and over in their “new” books. Their churches have tens of thousands of regular attendees and apparently no one has noticed that all it ever is, is the same stuff, year after year endlessly. It’s like they don’t even care enough to ask the most basic question – isn’t there something missing??

I did that years ago, repeatedly!! And finally after a number of years of searching and struggling to find what was wrong with the church (basically all of them), I finally found the answer. And now because I took action based on all this, God has been showing me things in my dreams that I never seriously thought I’d ever be able to do.

But most people I tell about this kind of thing, and constantly refer to the source of all this (JMMI), their response indicates they would rather keep sucking a bottle and stay stuck going in circles in the wilderness. My latest dream even showed a well known, very likable pastor living in the desert and with no sign of prosperity at all! Sad!!

Wilderness = Nothing New, But Does Anyone Even Notice

Are you ever going to get the clue that we are supposed to do MORE than Jesus and MORE than the Old Testament prophets and STOP writing books about what they did as if it was a monument to the past, never to be repeated ever again?? All the big name well known preachers are doing it! But hop over to JMMI and you see even the 20-year olds on the staff getting dreams of having glory manifestations and marvel powers. Just like I have been also myself!

Stuck in the wilderness means you teach the same stuff, year after year and nothing ever changes. No one ever asks the unpleasant questions, no one ever challenges themselves, no one ever admits the truth – they are lost and going nowhere. They are in the wilderness, as popular as their churches make it look – they are in fact, not preaching the kingdom message and they are not fulfilling their mandate to become a king and raise up their followers to do the same.

“The fivefold ministry has limited God in the past generations and God is over that. He is raising a new generation, a new wineskin, that is roaring and ready to move on to the next dimension with God! Are you part of this new generation or you are part of the old group stuck in the wilderness? If being a prophet or an apostle or a bishop or a teacher is the apex of your Christianity and your walk with God, then you are stuck in the childhood stage.”

Sonship in the Kingdom of God by David E. Taylor

Action! Time Waits For No One

I hope you read all the way to the end here and actually recognized what is being said. Not just by me, but by the source of where the highest level of kingdom and sonship teaching can be found – David E. Taylor. Get the books I’m quoting from here. Notice the huge difference between this kind of teaching and that of everyone else out there. Step back and seriously re-look your own life.

Ask the hard questions just like I did. Stop accepting popular church-realm comfort zones and the same stuff year after year. And finally take my recommendation and actually show up at a JMMI event, where you will see me as well. When you go through this process as I have done myself, you will start getting the results that I have been seeing now in my own life.

I hope you do! Time is ticking by. Get out of the church wilderness. There is much more already available for you. Now is the time.



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