Common Dreams

Real Life Common Dreams & Biblical Interpretations 

When I first began learning to interpret dreams, seeing or hearing how others interpreted them greatly accelerated my own learning. But… many times, when you go looking for dream interpretation books, you find a lot of great teaching and symbols lists, but not nearly as much of real-life interpretations. And that’s a problem! If all you have is a list of symbols, you’re going to have a very hard time coming up with the correct understanding. That’s where this new ebook comes in and fills a market gap! 

In my new ebook, I tell 50+ real life common dreams and their Bible-based interpretations. The general format that repeats throughout the entire book is: 1) a description of a dream, 2) my interpretation of the symbols within the overall context and, 3) multiple Bible verses that support the interpretations. Here is a list of the categories of common dreams that you will find in this ebook… 

  • Vehicles (cars, airplanes, busses, bicycles) 
  • Animals & Pets (dogs, wolves, snakes, birds) 
  • Places & Settings (buildings, houses, rooms) 
  • People (family, friends, coworkers, names) 
  • Jobs, Work & Clothing
  • Food & Eating
  • Sports & Athletics 

For each of these 50+ dreams, I include many tips learned in the last several years regarding the proper response, the purpose and general keys for how to do research if you cannot find the primary symbols in a dream dictionary. 


A few of the many dreams and their interpretations that you will find in this ebook include…

  • Cars, motorcycles, trucks, busses & driving. 
  • Airplanes, airlines, cargo jets, space ships, hang gliders & flying. 
  • Family members, siblings, friends from the past, relatives, generational curses, babies & pregnancy.
  • Movie characters, ministry leaders, police, presidents, military officers. 
  • Cities, universities, post office, foreign nations, armies, guns, crossing a street,
  • Childhood house, neighbors, backyard, bathroom, washing hands, cutting grass & hair. 
  • Dogs, wolves, snakes, unknown animals, lions, birds & dinosaurs.
  • Jobs, work, current & past coworkers, types of clothing.
  • Running, basketball, golf, biking, mountains, snow & weather conditions.
  • Cooking, drinking, fruit, oil, kitchen, hot & cold.  
  • Plus… occasional numbers, colors, meaning of names & time factors. 

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