Animals in Dreams: How To Find The Meaning | Reader Testimony

img_0182-1How many times have you seen animals in your dreams but didn’t know what they meant? Probably you have, several times. God speaks to us in metaphors and so it should be no surprise that He often uses His own creation as symbols to illustrate something we need to know. Trees, water, storms, mountains and stars are all common symbols that we should expect to see at some point in our dreams. So how do we find the meaning of them? Well…don’t worry – it’s probably easier than you might think.

Here are a few tips I gave a reader who sent me a dream with a bear and elephants. This dream was about a work situation and God used those animals to tell something rather important. Check it out…

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Dream Revelations: Common Types & Explanations | JMMI Video Interview

KingsIn anticipation of the upcoming July 2018 JMMI Dream Conference in Taylor, Michigan, a recent video interview was held between gospel singer Vicki Yohe and Apostle David E. Taylor. This was a Facebook live video done to preview some of topics that will be taught in that event.

The interview linked below contains many of the answers to the most common questions about what your dreams mean and how to properly handle them. In addition, insights and revelations were discussed that are not found in any other teaching outside of Joshua Media Ministries International. Below is the link to the video as well as the dream interpretation contact information for the JMMI staff. Check it out!

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Warning Dreams of Personal Attacks: How To Respond

Warning DreamsIf you’ve ever had a strange dream of predatory wildlife in your midst, you may have passed it off as bizarre reminder of that trip to the zoo last year. But what if you see someone attacking and chasing you with weapons? These dreams are actually common and are God’s symbolic messages to you about what’s going on in the supernatural and/or physical realm.

Just recently I had one of these myself and in the same week, a friend sent me a dream that she had – both were on this exact topic. Since I have not written about warning dreams like this in a long time, this became the perfect opportunity with two new examples and lessons from each.  Continue reading “Warning Dreams of Personal Attacks: How To Respond”

Fine Tuning Prophetic Accuracy & Discernment 

Fine TuningHave you had some dreams that you just cannot understand how they connect to real life? Have you thought a dream meant one thing, only to find out it was actually about something completely different? If so, you are in good company.

Interpreting dreams is not simple by any means. There are an endless number of possibilities that may come up when you are trying to connect a message in a dream to real life. Having said that, there are some ways to increase your accuracy. Here’s a great practical concept in the natural realm that relates to our topic and a few keys you can use…  Continue reading “Fine Tuning Prophetic Accuracy & Discernment “

Negative Dreams: Prophetic Keys Hidden in Rebukes & Corrections? 

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Something has been on my mind in the last few months regarding a few of my dreams that seemed to have dual messages. I began to notice that I had repeating pattern where I would get a negative or correcting dream and then, in the same dream, a prophetic clue about my future. This became a source of confusion because it seemed like a paradox that God would tell me two different unrelated things in the same dream.  Continue reading “Negative Dreams: Prophetic Keys Hidden in Rebukes & Corrections? “