Shut In Fast Track To Destiny | Enoch Principles Validated In Dreams

There’s been an odd number of popular preachers talking about Enoch and I sort of noticed a strange pattern with some of them. I’m not here to comment on that but instead to show that I have a new series of dreams since around May this year that all point straight to one single teaching series. In fact, the number of dreams I’ve had about this Enoch study are on the order of a statistical anomaly (many!)

Not surprisingly, the details of Enoch’s life are oddly coincidental with what has happened globally this year. I’m going to tell two of my dreams and explain how they validate the fact that God is very big on this topic right now and how it all proves if you do what they are showing, you can get the same results personally that Enoch did starting right now.

Exclusivity Fast Track

I’m guessing there’s a chance you might have been thinking of this year 2020 as the most unproductive time ever due to the global shutdowns. There’s definitely been a huge inconvenience factor but if you were tuned in to the parallels with Enoch’s life, you would have seen it (as I did) as the most productive year ever.

Because of what’s happening in the realm of my invention prophecy, God has made it clear to me since May of this year (2020) that I must adhere to the instructions regarding the principles of Enoch’s life explained in the recent study series.

If you look back at my “university dream” series of blogs this year, that’s exactly how it’s been. God gave me specific study assignments in dreams and that’s how I knew what to do with my time. Take a look…

All that in one year!! Since May, and in addition to those listed above, I’ve had 10 dreams specifically linked to the Enoch video series and two from three years ago that suddenly showed up in the midst of watching these videos.

The dreams in this blog are a perfect follow up to the one linked below because they elaborate on something I could not explain before. As you read this, consider everything I’m saying here as the inserted explanation to the submarine model dream where I was in my childhood bedroom and “my Dad” was going to show me all the individual parts and how to put the “model” together.

Science Dreams Update: Submarines – Models – Process Timeline & Invention Prophecy Validation

Because I’ve had way too many dreams to discuss in this blog, I’ll just highlight the ones that are best to illustrate the point I’m hoping to get across here. Let me say upfront that because of the symbolic nature of these dreams, you could easily miss the point of their significance by casually reading them too quickly. Again… I had a ton of dreams about this Enoch study this year, these are just two…

Satellite In The Woods Dream

December 4, 2020 – I’m in some very small metal box container like a satellite on the ground in the woods and I’m talking to a guy about the door lock and air systems and I’m looking out a square window with a computer screen under it. Seemed there were two ways to lock the door and I used a sliding thing to do that. I was thinking if I might get claustrophobic in there. Sunny daytime.

Here’s all the main symbols now…

  • Satellite = space, spirit realm, (second heaven), being “in the spirit”, literal personal technology reference.
  • Woods / rural location = secluded place, “secret place” (Psalm 91, Matthew 6:6).
  • Locked door = shut in, keeping everything in “normal life” out to focus exclusively on what God’s assignment is on daily basis (Genesis 7:16, Matthew 6:6).
  • 2 ways to lock door = inside/outside like Noah’s Ark from the outside (this was the clue it was an Enoch series dream – Genesis 7:16).
  • Air lock = supernatural environment, glory realm, purified air (reference to virus avoidance instructions).
  • Small size = (very small) personal technology reference to micro-satellites, restricted location shut in time.
  • Claustrophobic = shutting in can initially make you feel like you’re a prisoner and can be a difficult adjustment at first but can be overcome (see video series below, Ephesians 4:1).

The above list does not need much elaboration so I’m going to move onto the next one. The next dream was a little bit funny and had more than one message (two different topics) but I felt the need to include it here because it links to the one above and fits another series of dreams I’ve had involving a TV show character from The Flash.

The Flash Dream

On November 12, 2020, I had a dream where I was sitting in the TV room of my grandmother’s house but off to the side from where the TV is. A home construction guy my family knows was in the hallway talking and then I switched seats to right in front of the TV. I then looked down and I saw an icon on my watch that had a partial box with at least one stick figure person inside (like a lighted crosswalk sign) and it was flashing bright white on black background in a downward rolling motion.

  • The TV and switching seats had a dual message about focusing on the Enoch series videos and also the TV series The Flash.
  • The Flash represents the glory realm and marvel powers and the main character (Barry Allen). This character has appeared many times in my dreams (and the dreams others have had about me) and symbolizes the character’s job as a “scientist” plus his supernatural abilities.
  • The partial box icon and the small TV room in my grandmother’s house represents the confined shut in time.
  • The flashing box represented the TV show The Flash as a supernatural metaphor of the glory realm and marvels which is confirmed by the presence of a home construction guy and links to the verses below.
  • The downward rolling motion of the flashing icon was a clue this was not a warning light flashing but instead something that came from above and then down over you (as in from Heaven above).
  • The fact this was an icon on my watch represents the time factor that is required for constructing glory (this does not happen quickly).

For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;

2 Corinthians 4:17 (KJV)

And ye shall tell my father of all my glory in Egypt, and of all that ye have seen; and ye shall haste and bring down my father hither.

Genesis 45:13 (KJV)

Enoch & Glory Realm

As I said at the top, these are just 2 of 10 dreams I’ve had with direct references to the instructions in the Enoch video series I’ve included below. If I wrote about the rest here, I’d have a blog probably the length of a short book (let’s avoid that!!)

If you are unfamiliar with the glory realm and marvel powers, it is something you’ve probably heard a lot about but very few in the church realm have any understanding what it takes to get this in your life. A few big key facts on the glory realm need to be understood…

  • The glory realm is not in the church realm, it is in the kingdom realm.
  • It is also not in the realm of the Holy Spirit or Jesus but it is in the realm of God the Father.

That is why you see us at JMMI focusing extensively on this and why most churches have no knowledge of it. See JMMI teaching products for a full explanation of that.

I have written many times on this subject including to say that this is the realm that my invention is coming in (see explanation here). When you’re dealing with a global energy technology invention that is coming primarily in dreams at night from God, this is the realm of marvels and glory because it is something that has never been seen on earth before.

So now it’s time for a brief introduction to the Enoch series…

Global Purpose & Prophecy

KEY FACT: This Enoch series is intended to go along with the COVID-19 virus global shut downs.

Unfortunately, most prophetic people are missing the entire point behind the virus. As stated previously, God is the one who caused this virus globally for the purpose of disrupting and stopping the Russian and Chinese nuclear war plans against the United States which I have already written on here. That’s too big a topic for me to explain again here so you’ll have to go back to my blog where I discussed that.

The secondary purpose was that God is trying to get people to go back to what the church has long lost regarding how to shut in and spend time focusing exclusively on what God has for us personally and in a larger sense. When you hear the content in the Enoch series videos below, you will see that this is the only way to achieve the kinds of results that Enoch did in his life. If you don’t do those things, you cannot achieve what he did.

And… this was initially all completely foreign to me because none of the churches I’ve ever went to ever talked about shutting in like this. So, I had to make a big adjustment and actually due to circumstances, I found it to be quite easy.

Because I followed these instructions, I made more progress spiritually this year 2020 than at any other time in my entire life!!

Critical Personal Instructions – No Plan B

Personal comment – in my case, it was not possible to pursue my highest calling in life by being distracted by “normal life” and jobs and paying bills and all that. This is what I was trying to point out in my last blog (below) where I explained that God required me to give up everything in order to focus on what was necessary right now to get into my real calling and purpose.

Common Dreams: Past Jobs – Returning To A Career – Identification Cards – Military Service (Not Always What They Appear)

This also has a lot to do with why I wrote my ebook a year ago which you can find linked at bottom here.

Your calling and purpose might have other requirements but either way, unless you do exactly what God shows you and focus exclusively on those things, you will never make it to your God-intended ending. Everything that involves “normal life” WILL stop you and I recognized this 5+ years ago when God pushed me out of my former career.

You can try to water down what I’m saying and try a “Plan B” but I can guarantee that all you’re doing is adding many years to your process at best, but most likely you’re just cutting yourself off completely from achieving what God put you here for. God validated this to me in dreams especially last year (2019) where in one of them, He basically said to me “no jobs” in plain English!!

The Walk With God Like Enoch Series

Ok then… That’s all for today. Because of how critical it is to understand God‘s instructions for each of us right now to reach our intended purpose here in this lifetime, I felt the need to emphasize this Enoch series and to show that God is very big on this literally at this time right now.

And with that, here is a playlist I put together with all of the videos from this year. If any more are added after this date, I will make sure they get on the list. I hope you take seriously what I am explaining here and don’t miss the opportunity God gave us with the current global situation!!

NOTE: due to extreme censoring by YouTube, the entire video series and much more was taken down, but you can still access the entire series directly on the JMMI website at this link below…


If the video series goes back up on YouTube or any other video platform, I will plan to include the entire playlist in a video embed above as I did previously.



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  1. I also left my paid job three years ago to spend time alone with the Lord. I was part time as I also have a family. He said ‘can you give me all the hours you used to work?’ I did, and I’m still in that season. I had to rethink everything I’d ever been taught! Dreams were a big factor in that for me too. Now I’ve started writing a bit, and waiting to see what’s coming next! It’s encouraging to hear that other people like you have been on a similar journey too, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep – mine put me at near absolute 0 after 6 years now. Had to learn to live totally by faith. Was not expecting it but I survived the process and now I don’t freak out anymore about seeing a $0 (very short version… more on the way eventually).


  2. […] If you read my latest aircraft dreams blog, you may have seen a brief comment near the bottom about this dream. Until now, I did not fully explain the dream or what the primary symbols represented. You may have noticed that in 2020, I had a series of science / technology dreams that took place in settings that included university engineering program offices / classrooms. All those blogs are listed in a 2020 summary I wrote here: Shut In Fast Track To Destiny | Enoch Principles Validated In Dreams. […]


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