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As you may know, dreams of vehicles are very common and each type has a different metaphoric meaning. Boats, cars, airplanes, trucks, and rockets all have a different type of message because each vehicle has different characteristics. Most likely you have had dreams of vehicles and perhaps even aircraft.

Today I’m going to focus on a new series of dreams I’ve had about various aircraft and how I came to understand why certain ones kept popping up within a similar context. Remember that the method I explain today about aircraft can be applied in the same manner to any category of common symbols whether it is a car, SUV, truck, dog, cat, bird, fish, etc.

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Dreams of Aircraft: What Do These Mean? | Photo Blog

Do you travel frequently for business or leisure?  Do you own a business that has a global reach?  Are you a person who has very big personal goals?  Are you currently undergoing a personal battle in any area of your life?  Are you taking steps into a new venture and you are unsure of the success of the outcome?  Are you a Christian believer who spends a significant amount of time studying the supernatural aspects of the Bible?  If you are one of these, you are possibly having dreams of aircraft. 

Attention To Detail

One of the first things I learned in the military was a phrase that you will also recognize if you ever served – “attention to detail!” When dealing with any form of communication we get from God, including in these symbolic dreams, you must pay attention to details and distinctions. As you’ll see in today’s examples, I’ve been learning this on a new level – many of my dreams from past years are now making more sense based on the repeated appearance of various specific aircraft.

When it comes to dream symbols, one of the best ways to begin an interpretation is by defining the symbol according to the most basic characteristics. From that, look for the most relevant connection of that symbol within the overall context of the dream. If you interpret symbols outside of that context, you will end up with a false interpretation that has no discernible meaning or purpose!

Context & Setting

Let me elaborate on what I mean by interpreting symbols according to the overall context of the dream. When I say that, I mean you must take into account the setting (location) where your dream takes place. The setting may often include common locations like your childhood house, your childhood neighborhood, your place of work, an elementary school or university, etc. Many of these I’ve dealt with already in past blogs so I won’t repeat them now. See this brief list below

As it relates to our topic today, there are various settings where you might see aircraft appearing in your dreams. This is a brief list of the ones I’ve seen…

  • Parked on ground = waiting, preparing to launch new phase of life, personal maintenance
  • Inside hangar = personal maintenance, work in progress, repairs, life overhaul, adding things needed for your next assignment, hidden from public view
  • Taking off = beginning new assignment / new phase of life, learning to do something new
  • Landing = arriving at your destination, something you’ve waited for is arriving
  • Flying too low = lack of prayer, not wanting to be seen publicly, dangerous behaviors and mindsets
  • Flying high = breaking free of worldly attachments and cares, operating freely in spiritual gifts, freedom of mind, moving quickly towards your destination
  • Flying in storms = challenging circumstances, turbulent mindset, spiritual battles
  • Aerial combat = spiritual battles with demonic activity

You can find additional meanings of the common settings where dreams often take place here…

Aircraft Types

When I was an Air Force Academy cadet, we had to learn visual recognition (by memory) of all the aircraft currently flying in the USAF inventory. Later, when I became an intelligence officer, I had to do that again, but for foreign aircraft. As you can guess, with all the many types of aircraft in service all over the world – this was no small task!

I’ve explained most of these in my previous blog (linked above) but for the sake of today’s very specific examples, I will list the basics here…

  • Cessna (personal / private aircraft) = personal situation perhaps involving very few others
  • Business jet = literal business, Kingdom of God business, small group of people that you work with, temporary assignment
  • Airline = involves many people all going to the same destination or following the same leader, embarking on a new personal adventure that will take you very far from what you are familiar with
  • Cargo = commerce, personal business where you deliver goods (physical or digital products), size of aircraft indicates the extent of business (regional, global), carries the weight of the glory of God (military), Kingdom of God business (military)
  • Fighter = personal assignment that may require significant study (spiritual or academic), complex tasks involving specific timelines and accuracy, spiritual warfare
  • Modern aircraft = your spiritual and mental state (positive), staying on track and on time with your life according to God’s plan and purpose for you, modern technology symbol
  • Older aircraft = (positive or negative) referring to something in the past, God’s ancient ways and methods, personal message (similar to seeing your childhood house), mindset stuck in the past

You can find additional meanings of aircraft and vehicles at this link…

Personal Examples: Cargo – Reconnaisance – WWII

Many times when I interpret dreams by email through this website, I often advise people that when you are not able to find the meaning of a symbol in a Bible-based dream dictionary, you must do as I said above by doing your own research. Look up the basic characteristics of the symbol and take note of anything that stands out to you. This is how I discovered the meaning of my dream last year involving a WWII British DeHavilland Mosquito fighter/bomber and another one with a squadron of F-104 fighters.

Below are 3 aircraft that have appeared since last year and each was fairly easy to connect with relevant personal circumstances at the time of the dreams. Below the list, I’ll elaborate more based on the context of their appearance…

  • C-17 Globemaster (cargo jet) = commerce, Kingdom of God (military), heavy lifting, glory carrier / realm of marvels
  • Canberra (reconnaisance) = foreign (British), government monitoring, kingdom of man vs Kingdom of God
  • P-51 Mustang (WWII fighter) = personal metaphor that goes back to childhood (no technology aspect)

DreamA C-17 military cargo jet is parked inside a hangar and I was jumping out of a rear door onto a large inflatable mattress.

A C-17 is a modern USAF heavy lift cargo jet (see bottom right photo collage). This relates to both the global span of my blogs and the realm of marvels (heavy weight of glory). I received this dream at the time when I began putting together notes for the “Marvel Dream Revelations” video series and ebook (marvels are within the glory realm). The setting of the hangar represents my work on that project. Jumping out onto an inflatable mattress meant I needed to be filed with the Holy Spirit and take a “leap of faith” in writing the ebook and recording the videos.

For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;

2 Corinthians 4:17 (KJV)

Dream – I saw a British Canberra jet flying slowly and quietly overhead as I stood outside in the backyard of the house where I currently live.

The Canberra is a British reconnaissance aircraft from many decades ago (see bottom left photo collage). England is a country the USA declared independence from 245 years ago due to oppressive taxation and an overbearing government. At the time of my dream, I was concerned about financial matters because I expected a very large breakthrough that seemed very late in coming.

In this context, England represents the kingdom of man and worldly financial matters that I have been set free of because I am firmly established in God’s kingdom system. The old age of the jet and the backyard setting both meant that any concern about financial provision should be “in the past”.

Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

Matthew 6:30 (KJV)

Dream – There’s 2x P-51s in the grass. I’m getting ready to start mine up. A younger woman comes out and I told her I was 5 minutes ahead of her so I was letting her catch up. But instead of using any long checklist procedures (like I am), she just starts the engine and is ready to go.

A P-51 is a single-seat fighter from WWII (see top right photo collage) and represents personal matters. This has been a favorite aircraft since my childhood so its primary meaning is specifically related to personal matters. Parked in the grass is normal for WWII aircraft so the meaning of grass is not important. This scene represents getting ready to launch into a new phase of life.

The other woman is “a very close friend” whom you may hear more about in the near future. Her lack of using complex procedures is a personality descriptive metaphor and also indicates she has been very fast in catching up with me in many ways (very positive). This dream was God’s way of providing personal insight about the woman and my relationship with her.

Comparisons – Technology Metaphors / Personal Assignment

Recently, I discovered the meaning of two aircraft that I’ve seen repeatedly, but it was only after multiple appearances that I finally understood them at a greater level. Included in the list below are those two aircraft along with others that I’ve seen since last year. The key to understanding these aircraft was personal familiarity with the context of circumstances in my life.

Putting these in proper context, three of these below are directly tied to my upcoming energy technology invention “Mega Prophecy“. The first jet in the list below is what I just posted a lengthy video about regarding how God used it to show me the scientific truth about gravity (see image at below). The second jet popped up in a dream that pointed to a Marvel movie which I will briefly explain next.

  • SR-71 Blackbird (reconnaisance) = marvel of technology, prototype of modern stealth technology
  • F-4 Phantom (fighter) = technology metaphor dealing with a timeframe of the recent past

An SR-71 is a reconnaissance jet that was used several decades ago (see top left photo collage). The specific meaning to me is only understandable in the context of my assignment in the energy technology arena. For more information about this symbol as it relates to me, see the video blog linked below…

The next aircraft makes more sense when you first have a proper understanding of the SR-71 and can then make a comparison with it. That is how I finally understood what it meant. Without the correct understanding of the context of comparison between both, I would have been lacking a significant level of detail in properly interpreting the meaning. This same method of comparison may very well help you interpret various symbols when they are all in the same category but have unique differences.

And he said, Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? or with what comparison shall we compare it?

Mark 4:30 (KJV)

Dream – I keep walking into a small room that’s set up for college engineering program info. There’s a girl there who is like the admin person and she says there’s an Air Force Lt Col who teaches and I should just go and he’s my age. I see book shelves all around the room and on top of one is a box with a somewhat large and very detailed plastic model of an F-4.

An F-4 is a fighter jet used many decades ago by the USAF and US Navy; some countries still fly it today (see center of photo collage). This is not a modern-day aircraft so it represents the recent past in terms of technology. I discovered (based on overall context) that it connected to a popular Marvel movie: Iron Man 2 (2010). A model aircraft (or car, boat, etc) represents putting together pieces to form a fully complete understanding.

The setting of a university engineering program represents literal advanced academic learning exactly as I wrote in many blogs last year. The Air Force Lt Col is a near-literal reference to one of the main characters in Iron Man 2: James Rhodes. The admin girl is a literal friend in real life who has recently been helping edit my ebooks and blogs and she initially told me about this movie connection. Repeatedly going back to the information booth is about how God continues to refer me back to the Marvel movies, specifically to Tony Stark as I’ve previously written.

I will hold off on further explanation of this dream until a later time, but for now, the primary message God was giving me was again to emphasize the Arc Reactor that Tony Stark perfected in that movie. That device has been a very consistent clue to the upcoming technology inventions which I will be involved with personally.


Because this was an extremely detailed blog, here are the main points briefly summarized…

  • Always interpret dreams based on their overall context – otherwise, you will get a false interpretation.
  • Understanding the setting (location) of the dream is required to get a proper interpretation.
  • When a symbol does not appear in a Bible-based dream dictionary, do your own research and take note of its basic characteristics – keep it simple!
  • When confronted with many similar symbols that each have unique differences, use a process of comparison and note the distinctions.
  • These same methods will apply to all categories of symbols (animals, birds, fish, cars, boats, etc).



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