Science Dreams Update: Submarines – Models – Process Timeline & Invention Prophecy Validation

It’s been quite a while since I posted an update on the invention prophecy topic but something very big just happened and I have a few things here to tell about. What I will primarily focus on is a recent dream that explains quite a lot about the process I’ve been in during the last few years since God began my “science dreams” series that has been slowly revealed as a global energy technology invention.

What you will see from this recent dream is a multi-layer message that illustrates the manner in which God has given many hints and clues over a long period of time and as well as several of the most common symbols that will show up in your own dreams.

Dreams: Personal Parables & Mysteries For You!

As a reminder, I’m writing all this by direct assignment (confirmed in my dreams) as my ongoing public documentation of a global energy technology breakthrough that will change the entire face of the world. If you’re new to what I just said, no problem, there’s much more here in this website to explain it further. A good starting point would be a page I recently added with a very brief summary: Mega Prophecy.

Everything you read here can be applied in some ways to yourself. My testimony of this upcoming invention is intended to show a modern example of how God speaks to us in dreams at night that are like parables about many aspects of your life. And… this is one of the primary ways God brings new inventions or discoveries to the world, exactly as He has been doing for thousands of years!

When you understand all that, you can take everything I say here as a template and pattern and see how God may do the same for you. Again, this is something I wrote about extensively in my ebook which you can see linked at the bottom of this blog or this link here.

So now with that intro, let’s get on with the recent dream and all latest updates…

Dream – A WWII Model Submarine

September 10, 2020 – it’s night & I’m in the bedroom in my childhood house & my Dad shows me a small plastic model of a very large, old WWII submarine that has not been put together yet. I see all the parts in the kit that need to be cut out and assembled together. Then (scene changes) I’m in the hallway needing to use the bathroom but think I had to wait because now there are suddenly other people (unknown) also needing to use it. Dad was in the hallway somewhere. End.

Here are each of the symbols in that dream along with a brief explanation. In the section below this, I’ll explain some of these in much greater depth.

  • Model = something you put together like a puzzle, studying, engineering, requires attention to detail, skill & time
  • Submarine = something hidden beneath surface, mysteries (deep things) that need to be brought up / out into the open
  • Large size = something very big (not the model itself but the submarine as a symbol)
  • WWII = old, from ancient times, refers to the past whether near or far back in time
  • Dad = literal father & God
  • Dad’s house = childhood house (personal matter) & God’s house (church)
  • Bathroom = time of repentance & spiritual cleansing (Rosh Hashanah beginning soon after this dream)
  • Others waiting for bathroom = spiritual family members in same Rosh Hashanah process
  • Night = often means things not known yet, literally at night when God reveals things in dreams

That’s the basic idea of each symbol, so now we need to get into a little more elaboration on some of the biggest themes from this dream and the common symbols you may see in your own dreams.

Childhood House / MODEL BUILDING

Starting with the setting of the dream which puts everything into proper context. Your childhood house is a very common symbol that you will find many times in your dreams. When you see yourself in this setting, it always refers to a personal matter. Sometimes it is about your literal family but it can also be how in the Bible, Jesus said “His family” were those who followed Him (Matthew 12:47-49), aka other true Christians.

If you’re not familiar with how to understand the places and settings you find yourself in, in your dreams, you can check this previous blog I wrote with a simple infographic here…

Infographic: Common Locations and Settings in Dreams

In this dream, the childhood house symbol has a dual meaning because I do in fact, have a personal connection with the symbols of a submarine (ship), a model, and my literal father. One of my earlier memories as a child was when my natural father (Dad) brought a small plastic model of a WWII ship and then put it together. I was very young and this small model made a lasting memory for me and ultimately, when I was a bit older, led to me making many more plastic models, primarily of aircraft.

Any type of model is, at the most basic sense, a thing you have to put together, piece by piece. In terms of my last 5 years since I received the “mega prophecy”, God has been giving me many hints and clues about what this invention will be in a series of many dreams over these last several years. Some of these dreams have had extremely big clues, while others have been of a lesser nature.

When considered all together, they are all important. Just like building a model or a puzzle – you can’t leave out pieces! This is one of the most prominent verses that stands out regarding this idea of building…

The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.

Ecclesiastes 12:11 (KJV)

Intriguingly, this same theme of “model building” also showed up a year and a half ago using a symbol of a different hobby I also became interested in as a child. In that dream, it was my literal father again giving me a gift of a SLR camera and a lense (separate items) and then there were pins in the box which I understood to point to the verse above in Ecclesiastes 12:11 about assembling parts (pins & separate lense) and documenting everything (camera).

Image source: Aliexpress (plastic model ship kit example)

Old / Ancient / Past / Submarine

Next symbol that needs to be discussed is the aspect of old or ancient which was symbolically portrayed as a “WWII submarine”. Partly this is simply as I pointed out above and is about a memory and how we need to remember the gifts, talents, abilities that God put in our lineage and ask Him to bring out anything that’s been forgotten or not known about or never fully made use of by anyone previously in our lineage.

Sometimes when we forget something that God had already emphasized to us, He will show us that thing in a dream in a way that shows it to be old or of the past. See video at the end of a song that strongly relates to everything I’m saying here.

But there is also another aspect in this case because “WWII” represents things from the distant past and carries with it the meaning of “ancient”. One of God’s names is the “Ancient of Days“ and when dealing with inventions, it can be reaching into the realm of mysteries which are things that have been hidden from long ago.

This then ties in with the symbol of a submarine because that represents something hidden that will at the right time, come to the surface so everyone will see it. When you combine “ancient” with “hidden below the surface”, they both agree and one elaborates on the other. This coming invention is in the realm of mysteries and contains information that has either not been made known or has been hidden from public view.

All this is what I began writing about in this blog here regarding a dream I had about the Pleiades stars and a power generating station on a distant planet...

Pleiades, M45 star cluster

Science Dreams Update: A Biblical Clue From the Distant Night Sky | Energy

Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

Isaiah 46:10 (KJV)

Father – Dual Meaning

Now is the final element to consider. This is a very common symbol in your dreams – a father, mother, or grandparent. Many times when I have dreams sent to me here, some of them will include a parent. I’ll specifically focus only on the meaning of a father and how in this dream, this has a dual message that I will explain.

When you combine the details from the scene from my dream, the childhood house, “my Dad” and the model ship, you start to see this is God’s way of showing the personal connection in many ways. This is also confirmed by the fact the plastic model scene took place in the bedroom that was mine as a child in that house.

Beyond the family aspect here is something much bigger however. This is where the dual message comes in. In a dream, a father can represent God. When you look again at the bedroom, which represents a personal matter, this has the added meaning of a personal relationship with God the Father. Although I did not elaborate on that above, there was a very clear feeling of a connection in this dream with my Dad.

In this aspect, this invention is coming to me because of having been in the process of developing a relationship with God the Father. Outside of this dream, I was told something regarding where I’m at in that relationship and although it was not specified in details, what I was told was a little surprising (more than I thought I had). For an invention of this size, it’s very hard to imagine it coming without a clear connection with God the Father and that will make more sense as I explain something in the next section.

You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thought afar off. You comprehend my path and my lying down, And are acquainted with all my ways.

Psalms 139:2-3 (NKJV)

So these are all the main parts of this recent dream and you can see how it has many dense and complex layers of meaning. This layering and multiple meanings has happened in many of my other inventions dreams as I’ve written about here, especially including this one…

Science Dreams Update: “Prototype” – A Supernatural & Technology Upgrade Metaphor | Mystery of Creation

Prophecy Validation & Lengthy Timeline Explanation

This section is about the validation I received from a man I write about here frequently, Apostle David E. Taylor. He recently gave me a very long awaited personal confirmation of everything I’ve been saying here in my website regarding this as a major technology invention. He also explained something that I want to highlight because it directly ties in with the submarine model dream above.

The comments by Apostle Taylor were made to me in a closed public forum held with a select group of JMMI staff members. Because this was a closed forum, I am not permitted to tell everything he said, but what I can do is discuss those things that relate specifically to the submarine model dream above – and these are things that can apply to you as well in your own life calling dreams (that means pay close attention!!)

Starting with the timelines aspect, Apostle Taylor said something I had been wondering about ever since he gave me the prophecy in July 2015. He used the term “faucet drip” to describe the lengthy timeline where God has parsed out all my many dreams over the last several years. He said the reason for this was because of the vast amount of information that some of these dreams contained and how it takes the brain quite a while to understand and process all that.

If you look back at my previous blog linked below here you’ll see that is exactly how this has been. In fact, a few months ago, I charted all this out in a blog where I showed the number of dreams per month and per year since 2014. Apostle Taylor’s explanation of this was a huge relief to me because I had many times wondered why this was taking so long and what I needed to do to speed this up.

I’m being honest here, because of how long this has been, I really did get worried many times if I was doing something wrong or if I was on the right track with everything I have been writing in all these blogs. Below is the link where I showed the timeline for all these dreams in charts that you can easily see…

Life Calling Dreams: An Analytical Look At Patterns & Timelines of Progressive Revelation

Marvelic Dream Explanation

Continuing from this closed forum comments by Apostle Taylor, there is one more thing I can say here because it also ties in with what I wrote above about the involvement by God the Father. This is a very important part because it shows the need to focus specifically on a training session held at JMMI in August 2019 in Taylor, Michigan for “Miracles and Marvels”. Unless you hear that entire training event which I have included below in a video playlist, none of this will make sense!

Tony Stark, Infinity War

In several of my dreams since 2018, I’ve been shown that this energy technology invention has direct ties to a Marvel Avengers movie character named “Tony Stark. Some of my dreams also included references to the movie Captain Marvel, Back to the Future (Doc Brown) and also Star Wars (specifically Han Solo). In the recent validation, Apostle Taylor told me that these dreams are in fact in the realm of “marvels” which are a direct manifestation from God the Father.

As you will see in the teaching sessions linked below, this realm of marvels is something that has never been done before in the earth and goes straight back to what God told Moses. Again, hear the entire series of training videos and this will make more sense.

And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee.

Exodus 34:10 (KJV)

I believe it is very important to note what was said about the “faucet drip” and “marvelic” dreams because (as I said) this finally explains and validates why this has taken so long and again proves the size of what is coming when this invention fully manifests. In the comments made by Apostle Taylor, it was specifically stated how big this will be in global terms but those comments are not for public release at this time.

What I can say however, if you go back through all these blogs I hav written in the “technology category”, my dreams have spelled this out in ways that I believe you can figure out without further comment.

This concludes my update for now. Very lengthy and complex as you can see. Please take the time to watch this video training series below on Miracles and Marvels. The only way YOU can see these same unusual manifestations happening in your life is to be properly trained and connected with Joshua Media Ministries International and Apostle David E. Taylor.

If you are reading this blog in time, watch the upcoming Rosh Hashanah services live by Zoom, Periscope, Facebook live, or YouTube. In my WWII submarine model dream above, this was a mandatory activity! All services will be archived and you can watch them at any time later.

If you are new to JMMI, I recommend going straight to their website and also checking out the page I recently posted called “Validating JMMI”.


Submarine photo: Thanks to Ан Нет @aleon3004 for making this photo available freely on Unsplash


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