Science Dreams Update: “Prototype” – A Supernatural & Technology Upgrade Metaphor | Mystery of Creation

This article is a more extensive study on a single metaphoric detail that showed up in a previous science dream that I’ve spoken of several times involving an iPhone upgrade. This was my dream back in November, 2018 and it’s taken this long to finally realize the expanse of what God is trying to reveal here. Like many of our dreams, as it turns out again, God was speaking to me way over my head.

What you’ll see here today is that this dream is not just about a technology invention that I’ve been writing about. Actually, it goes way beyond that into a hidden mystery of creation that’s now being revealed and applies to everyone – yes for you as well! This dream contains a supernatural clue about how God designed each of us and here we are getting insights into how to get back what was lost in the Garden of Eden. So let’s get started…

The single detail from the dream that I’m elaborating on here today is the odd use of the term “prototype” as it appeared in a scenario where I was going to upgrade my iPhone. In case you did not already see this a few months ago, this is the dream I spoke about that that connects with Marvel’s “The Avengers” (2012) movie where the Tesseract energy cube and the Arc Reactor were metaphorically referred to. The link to that video is here…

Science Dreams Update: “Avengers Dream” – Timing Bullseye – Tony Stark Technology – Blog Changes

I’ll start here by giving the short version of that dream and then I’ll show how it is actually a multi-layer, multi-message dream with several surprising aspects and how it is hinting at God’s original design of creation for all of us.

Dream – “iPhone Upgrade”

November 16, 2018 – (short version) I’m walking into a large shopping mall that is under construction and remodeling. I see an Apple Store booth set up on the far side made up by folding tables. I walk over to that booth because I want to inquire about upgrading my iPhone. In this dream, my iPhone is at its memory limit and is almost paid off. I stand at the Apple Store table for several minutes speaking with the workers there. At some point in the conversation, the workers tell me that my iPhone is a prototype model. I look down at the table and see a sheet of paper with a photo of me at the top and lots of personal data below it. As soon as I see that sheet, I look up and see that the bright white lights have suddenly turned into a warm color. End of dream. 

Primary details: 

  • iPhone
  • Upgrading iPhone
  • Prototype (regarding the iPhone metaphor)
  • Store under construction (personal process of transformation and learning)
  • Personal data sheet (confirms this is a personal message and specific for me)

Initial Literal & Partial Fulfillment

Before we get into all the layers of symbology, I need to connect this dream to reality so you can see the anchor point from which the rest of this article develops. Less than two months after this dream, I unexpectedly ended up literally upgrading my iPhone 7 to the new iPhone XR model. There were some very unusual “coincidences” that took place on that day and the next that lined up with various details in the dream. This led me to realize there was much more going on in the dream than just one single interpretation. 

What I first supposed was that this was another dream in my long series of “science dreams” that began almost five years ago. Back in December, I discovered the link with the “Tony Stark technology” but then slowly began to realize this went way beyond that. It was the odd use of the term “prototype” that kept coming back to me and finally one day I heard it used in a teaching series (see below) and suddenly the dots began connecting in a much bigger way. Hold that thought now… it’s time to explain a few metaphors…

iPhoneMetaphoric Explanation

The most pivotal detail in this dream is the iPhone. From this one symbol, everything else in the dream revolves around it and then the meaning begins to expand. So here’s what it means…

When you think of an iPhone or any other smartphone, these devices can represent in God’s dream language:

  • Communication with people (the most basic purpose of any phone) but also with God (prayer).
  • Since these phones also have very capable computer processing chips, they can also represent mind as a thought processing and storage center or “device” (human organ).
  • Because the Bible refers to the heart as the place where all things regarding our behaviors, actions and thoughts come out of, that can be included as well.
  • Beyond even that, the Bible also says there is a connection between our mind and our spirit (this now hints that what we have here goes way beyond the natural realm and now into the supernatural).

And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;
Ephesians 4:23 (KJV)

With those in mind, we can now deal with the next major symbol here…

Prototype – First Order

Having set the foundation for what an iPhone represents, we can now consider the various symbolic meanings of upgrading it. Let’s start with the most basic and simple “on the surface” usage of this term as an invention of an electronic device and then go on to the higher level meanings.

Definition of prototype: 

An original model on which something is patterned; an individual that exhibits the essential features of a later type; a first full-scale and usually functional form of a new type or design of a construction (such as an airplane)…
– Merriam Webster definition

Note there are three specific elements of that definition above (see underlined). Those three are:

  • The original design of an object.
  • The first product / device or a test model from which subsequent copies or more advanced models will follow.
  • A person (individual) who exhibits these same above characteristics (first of their kind).

With the exception of the last one above, everything else can be easily seen to be symbolic of a technology device. But, remember what an iPhone can represent and now superimpose that onto all the various ways the term “prototype” can play out. And this is where you can see how the dream begins to point to a rather astonishing and expansive message that God is sending – this is where we will find a hidden mystery of creation. 

Upgrade – A Multi-Dimensional Metaphor

Starting with the most basic interpretation in the context of my “science dreams” – upgrading an iPhone can mean we are dealing with some new form of technology that will come into reality. It is based on something that already exists, but now in a much greater form with many more features and benefits to the user. So that’s the technology aspect.

But we are also dealing with this same symbol on many different levels. Since the iPhone is partly a symbol of the mind, we now have to consider something much different.First, as it relates to the technology invention God has been showing me, I believe the case can be made that my own intellectual understanding must be upgraded in order to create this device.

As it is right now, I have approximately 40 dreams in this science series but not one of them shows exactly how to create anything. All these dreams have so far shown me are clues about what the yet to be revealed device will actually be. So the first major meaning of this symbol is that I myself need a mind upgrade in the form of new information so I can create this device.

But that is still just the beginning of what this dream is revealing.

Prototype – A Metaphor of Creation

Now we will deal with the higher levels of interpretation according to my list above for the various meanings of an “iPhone” as a metaphor. This requires a brief recollection of a basic fact of our human existence. For those familiar with God’s creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis 1, we realize that God’s original creation was intended to be perfect and fully functional in all aspects.

Adam and Eve were a prototype of creation – the first of many subsequent humans that came after them.  They each had no limitations on their physical or mental abilitiesBut since the time of their sin, they became downgraded by many limitations which were then passed onto all of us. As an example, science has long understood that we have only about 10% of our brain’s full capabilities available to us.

Going back to the topic of my dream here (iPhone metaphor), let’s remember that we were originally created to have the full 100% use of our brain. So let’s think about this now… as it relates to the symbolic meaning of an iPhone, what would it look like if we could regain what we lost in the beginning, specifically regarding the full use of our brain?

Restoring Supernatural Abilities

We need to ask – if we now had what God created in the beginning, would full use of our brain only mean that we would think faster? Stop there and go back to my list above. We are also talking about a mind – spirit connection. If that was back up to full operating capability, what would that look like? Remember how I showed above that the brain links us right into the supernatural realm. If all we do is look at this strictly from a natural-realm perspective, we are missing the entire point!

The surprising revelation here is that restoring our brain’s functionality to 100% means that we are now dealing with a full recovery of our supernatural abilities. So then… what does that look like? 

The answer can be found when we go back to God’s original design of man. Take a big step back and consider the most obvious but mostly overlooked facts. Ask yourself the question – what did Adam and Eve do (and not do) on a daily basis and how does that contrast with our present reality? Here’s one really good place to start…what roles and titles do we see them called by?

The answer begins to emerge by asking a simple question: where do you see that God called Adam or Eve pastors or prophets (church titles and functions)? Nowhere. You never see that. God did not create Adam and Eve to be religious people going to church services every week. Why? They had no use for that. It was only after sin entered the picture that we started doing all that.

So, since they were not called by those roles, then you have to eliminate everything that relates to any kind of “church” activities in order to find the original state that they were created to function in. Since God did not create Adam and Eve to be anything like what we see in the realm of the church, then their abilities went far beyond just what we see in churches.

Churches are where we see a certain type of supernatural manifestation (well…a very few of them do anyway). What we are familiar with in that realm are things like words of knowledge and healing miracles. But God did not create Adam and Eve to be limited to only this. It’s a little hard to believe that words of knowledge would be so useful when there was no limitation in their brains to begin with. All knowledge was rather readily available so why go around calling out prophetic insights when everyone else already knows most of it anyway??  Pointless.

So then, what form of supernatural manifestation was normal to them if what they had went way beyond just the stuff we see today? Let me give a hint – it’s way too big a topic to include here, but a few ideas can be found in a previous blog:

Intro to SONSHIP: Regaining Our First Estate | Characteristics & Modern-Day Illustrations

iPhone Upgrade: A Metaphor of Sonship

So…what this dream is really showing is, not just the literal upgrade of a smartphone, or a technology reference for a new invention, or an upgrade of an intellectual ability, but rather a total human upgrade where the result is a person who “upgrades” back to God’s original created state of man, where both the intellectual and supernatural abilities are restored.

And now you see why God has been heavily impressing me to constantly go back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and take note of all the Biblical truths found in them. This dream of the iPhone upgrade is not just about a coming technology invention – it is a multi-dimensional message revealing a mystery hidden in God’s creation and His plans to bring all that back on the scene right now in our time!

And when this happens, we will once again have the supernatural powers not seen since Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Elisha and from the beginning of creation. What we are going to now see is the operation of marvel powers. 

And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the Lord: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee.
Exodus 34:10 (KJV)

-see Strong’s Concordance for H6381, “marvels”

So what this dream is really saying goes way beyond just another one of my “science dreams” – this is not only a message for myself, it is also for you. It is God’s way of showing what you were created to be and what we all should be in the process right now of regaining.

Training Required!

In order to reach full sonship status and operate at this level, you must get the proper training. That is not something I do here, but each of the products listed below will give all the necessary teaching for you to begin this process. I’ve been in this same learning process myself using these materials below since 2015. The more you listen to these, the more you will be transformed and your own upgrade process will begin. And as you do, you will then find out what Jesus meant when He told us we would be doing greater works… 

“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.
John 14:12 (NKJV)


In case you got lost in any of the above, here’s a simple summary of everything I discussed above with four layers of symbolic meanings:

  • A literal fulfilment of this dream where an actual iPhone upgrade took place.
  • A mind upgrade in the form of intellectual understanding and insight needed to produce a technology invention.
  • A brain upgrade in the form of sonship maturity that ultimately leads to much more than just thinking faster.
  • A supernatural upgrade in the form of regaining lost miraculous abilities as explained in the teaching products listed below.

Bottom Line: This dream was not just God speaking to me about a technology invention, but also about the reality of an upgrade to full sonship status at some point and all the abilities that go along with that in both the natural and supernatural realms.
(FYI – I’m not there yet!) 

No doubt, this is going to produce a whole new series of blogs and videos that will be coming next. Not only will I be talking about technology and inventions but also this topic here of sonship. See below how to connect with me if you’d like and see where all this goes from today on and how you also can be part of a total person upgrade of supernatural proportions!



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  1. Excellent blog and thought-provoking! You’ve done a great job of whetting our appetites, and I look forward to more on this topic. Need to get those JMMI teachings. Thank you!


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