Summary Of Dreams With Insights Into A Cosmic Mystery

This may be a “final” post for the time being on what has become a very aggravating research project to get to the bottom of what this “alien” thing is really all about. To be honest, I feel as if it has polluted my website long enough and that is why I have deleted most of the blogs and podcasts I posted in the last 4 months or so on the topic. What I am explaining today is a summary of the most prominent dreams I’ve had about this and the fruit it has produced in my life personally since I started researching the matter. If at some point, God shows me directly and unquestionably that my conclusions are incorrect, I will be happy to post an update of this blog.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to convince anyone of anything I am saying. My intent is only to show what God has revealed to me so far about the origin and nature of aliens at this point in my process of discovery and according to MANY dreams He has given me with insights as you will see below. All I ask is that you keep an open mind to what I am saying and do your own research, even if it means trying to prove me wrong – that is acceptable.

Cosmic Mysteries & Advanced Technologies

Before we get started, I need to reiterate that the ONLY reason I got into this subject was because I have a global energy tech assignment which I have frequently referred to as the “Mega Prophecy” that I received in July 2015 by Apostle David E. Taylor. Had God not given me dreams that related directly or indirectly to the topic of aliens, I would have had NOTHING to do with the matter. I was perfectly content to accept the standard Christian teaching that they are “all demonic” and I would never have questioned that.

In the midst of researching the dreams that led me to study this alien phenomenon, I began to see where all this was taking me. Primarily, the effect was to throw me way off course and seriously question everything I had ever learned about God and the Bible. The effect of my many months of this research and listening to many testimonies of those who have contact with these beings, I began to feel as if I had been back in the days where they would tie you to a horse and drag you through a desert until you were either dead or half-dead.

This was NOT a pleasant experience! If that is not enough to give you a hint of the reality and nature of aliens, I don’t know what is. Having said that, since you are not me and maybe you cannot identify with what I just said, let’s get into all the dreams I’ve had since beginning my research.

Summary Of Dreams Regarding Aliens

Since the beginning of 2021, I began having a series of dreams that related to my research into the alien situation. In some cases, the dreams were partially inconclusive regarding the origin or nature of these beings. As you will see, to date, I have had NO dreams that clearly and unquestionably depicted aliens in a positive light. Below is a brief summary of those dreams – some of them characterize the people who speak about aliens, rather than the aliens themselves. Regardless, you can easily see why I have had no choice but to come to a temporary conclusion about what these beings may really be.

1 – As previously posted in a podcast episode (which I deleted) I discussed 2 dreams on the same night where I was shown a dead end road and the presence of a pack of wolves off in the distance. I later discovered the meaning of the wolves after getting advice about studying aliens from the global ministry I am a part of – JMMI. The advice given was to be very cautious about this subject because when you get into it, you put yourself in the realm of “ancient spirits” that have the ability to deceive you very quickly, just as Satan deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden.

2 – In the midst of trying to get an answer from God about the origin of aliens, a very close friend had a dream in which people began worshipping aliens; then, the aliens began destroying the people, then the people called on God to deliver them. That dream requires no further elaboration except to say, unless you are completely evil (like the Nazi’s in WW2 that made agreements with reptilian Draco aliens), it is very hard to imagine anyone in their right mind worshiping hideous looking reptile creatures or the gaunt black eyed “greys”. I can however, easily imagine people worshipping beautiful looking aliens that masquerade as intelligent beings from distant star systems (perhaps such as Pleiadians, Blue Avians, Nordics, etc).

3 – While trying to extract myself from this alien research a couple months ago, I had dreams where I was in a very dark vacant building where the lights were being turned off and I tried to get out of that creepy place but I could not get my phone flashlight to come on. On the same night, I had another dream of being outside in a location where (again) not one person could be found and I was walking on a very long road underneath extremely dark evil-looking skies. As a matter of standard Biblical dream symbology, when you are in a dark place, it can represent the presence of evil. Normally, that is obvious based on the feeling you get. In my 2 dreams, it was overwhelmingly obvious that the dark, vacant locations were very creepy and evil. That tells you that you are in the presence of demons.

4 – Regarding the people I have followed who speak on aliens, I had 2 dreams that symbolically showed what their spiritual life is like and their level of spiritual maturity. The first dream showed someone driving an old small boxy looking hatchback car from the 1980’s. Another dream showed me sitting in the back of a small Cessna airplane with the pilots up front flying only a couple feet off the ground and smashing into bushes and barely avoiding ramming into the side of a hill. Dreams of flying and driving are some of the most common dreams. When you are flying too low, it means you are not “up high” in the Spirit and you are in spiritual danger and perhaps being very foolish. When you see yourself driving a vehicle, the type of vehicle is symbolic of your spiritual state – an old car means you are in an outdated and poor state of spiritual development.

5 – A short time ago, I had a dream where I was outside with Bob Larson (deliverance minister) and was doing something with a yardstick which was also a cooking utensil. After I saw this, he walked away suddenly speaking Spanish. It took me a while to understand that the yardstick / cooking utensil represented God “meting out” revelation regarding what aliens are. A kitchen can represent a place where you put things together, especially in the form of something you will “consume” later on (such as information).

Within a few days after this dream, I watched a video by Dan Duval (pastor and deliverance minister with hispanic appearance) where he interviewed a woman who had been involved with Satanic Ritual Abuse and modern-day Nephilim who use human women to produce babies that are then murdered for satanic purposes. I also watched another video where he interviewed a different woman who had encounters with aliens that manifested spiritually (not physically) and implanted metal objects and wires inside her body. If you are not familiar with Bob Larson or Dan Duval, you can look them up on their YouTube channels and see what they have to say themselves.

6 – My most recent dream showed that I was basically on the verge of committing spiritual fornication / adultery with a half-naked woman I knew 25 years ago. In the dream, it was obvious I already had a woman (soon-to-be wife) and this was a clear act of unfaithfulness. In the context of this dream, the woman from many years ago represents a temptation that is causing me to backslide spiritually almost all the way back to the time when I was nothing more than a “dead religion” person who had effectively no personal relationship with God (exactly how I was back in those days). For men, sometimes when you see a woman in a dream (depending on the context) it can simply refer to a temptation that has nothing to do with women at all. A temptation can be in the form of just about anything that leads to a sinful outcome and takes you away from a true relationship with God.

In the last 3 1/2 years since God initially revealed to me in dreams the existence of UFOs (and that they are from “off-planet”), I have NOT had ONE single dream where He has characterized these beings in a positive light. Whether or not any of them are in fact “good” is a question He has not clarified to me personally.

Biblical References??

During the process of my research, I was disappointed to find that the Bible has very little to say about these cosmic visitors. I initially took that as a sign that maybe something is wrong with the books we have in the Protestant or Catholic Bibles. Maybe there is something wrong with those books but, if that is true, it is more so due to the fact that some are missing or stolen by the Vatican as has been reported by several who are knowledgeable on that aspect of history.

With that in mind, the Bible DOES have a very big key that we can apply here in order to discern the origin and nature of these aliens in order to discern whether they are from God or not. As you will see below, the primary passage speaks about spirits, not physical beings. Regardless, it requires no explanation why we can apply the same verse whether we are talking about spirits or physical beings. Not to mention, reading the passages in Genesis and the book of Enoch regarding the fallen angels that came down and had offspring (giants) with human women, it is already known that angels can manifest in physical form, to the extent that most people would never know the difference!

What annoys me greatly is that not one of the people I have followed on this topic has ever one time told of an encounter with these aliens where they put them to the test regarding who is Jesus, their opinion of Him and whether or not they follow Him! NOT ONCE! If I happen to find someone who has done this, that would be excellent and I would be happy to see if God validates their testimony or not. Additionally, I have seen one thing in common with many of those who promote the alien subject – most of them seem to all have a mysterious connection to false eastern religions, especially hinduism.

I’m at the point now, after all the dreams I’ve summarized above, if God does not validate a person’s testimony in a clearly obvious manner, then no matter how legitimate I believe that person to be, I am not able to completely accept their testimony. As I said above, so far, God has not one time spoken positively about the spiritual state of any of the primary people I have followed or contacted regarding this matter!

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

1 John 4:1-3 (KJV)

My Interim Conclusions

Here is what I can conclude for the time being regarding the nature and origin of aliens. First, it is without question that aliens DO exist and have multiple races and they are (or manifest) in physical form. Aside from that, I still do not have a direct answer from God on the origin of these beings. Can it be that they are a created “race” of being that has existed long before man? Yes, of course, you cannot just make up an answer to that question without having solid facts. Since none of us were around billions of years ago when God created the universe, none of us knows the answer to how these aliens came into being. I believe we should not try to answer a question that God has not given us all the relevant information about.

Can it be that there are good, or at least neutral, aliens in addition to those that have clearly proven themselves to be evil? Yes. Again, same as I said above – do not try to concoct an answer that God has not spoken clearly about. Contrarily, can it be that these “good” and “peaceful” aliens are in fact masquerading as a wolf in sheep’s clothing for the purpose of an end times deception? Again – yes, of course! Until God gives a clear answer on that one, we are in the same category of not having HIS word which is the only ultimate unquestionable truth.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 (KJV)

As I mentioned in those previous (deleted) blogs and podcasts on this topic, I have been in a severe mental tug of war trying to examine this from every angle and to consider the testimonies of those who are much more knowledgeable than I am on these matters. I don’t know why but it just seems that God uses these situations for the purpose of our own development. I suppose I am better off for having gone through this process, but it sure has not felt very good. Again, my analogy of being dragged through a desert tied to a horse and left for dead.

Personal Fruit Produced By My Research

As if all the above was insufficient to give a pretty good characterization regarding the nature of aliens, we need to examine the fruit that my research has produced in my life. That is very simple to answer… This has led me down a path of seriously questioning everything I ever learned about God through the Bible and what I have learned about the Kingdom of God within the last 7 years since God expressly called me to be part of the only face to face ministry on the planet with 90 million followers worldwide – JMMI.

God did NOT call me to be part of the followers of those who speak on aliens, nor did He give me the biggest answer to my previously missing life calling and purpose from any of them (as I have previously stated thoroughly). Anytime God calls you to be part of a ministry, and gives you as many dreams as he has with me, if you leave that, you have just rejected God’s counsel and put yourself in the realm of rebellion. Just as God became very angry with the Israelites in the wilderness for doing exactly that, do not expect Him to respond favorably to you either, should you untie the faith you once established.

How oft did they provoke him in the wilderness, and grieve him in the desert! Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel. They remembered not his hand, nor the day when he delivered them from the enemy.

Psalms 78:40-42 (KJV)

Perhaps more important and most revealing… anytime you focus on something more than God, you have now stepped across the line into idolatry. It does not matter if your focus is on your career, your husband or wife, money, celebrities or politicians, or yes… aliens.

  • Not one of them died on the cross to take away your sins as Jesus did.
  • Not one of them can give you eternal life.
  • Not one of them can reveal your true purpose for living in this time right now.
  • And not one of them spoke this universe into existence.

From my experience (again), this research started a process of thinking that led me away from these most basic truths and to question everything I ever came to believe about God, especially through the Bible. If that is not enough to prove what may be going on here, there is probably nothing else I can say that you will accept.

Now with all this said, I expect these interim conclusions to remain in place unless perhaps God gives me a face to face appearance and clearly explains the history, origin and nature of these beings to a level of detail that I can then pass on to you here. Until such time as that happens (or, if that happens), I cannot fully and satisfactorily conclude what is really going on with these aliens except to say again that extreme caution is strongly suggested as God indicated to me based on all the above. Thank you for considering my testimony with an open mind as I have done so myself regarding the many testimonies of others that I have considered.


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