Confusing Dreams? How You Can Still Take Action Without A Full Interpretation

Ok so today it’s time for the age old dumb question… “would you rather be blind or deaf?“ You know, like that’s a really practical scenario. I mean, we definitely get presented with such options on daily basis. Just like, “would you like chicken or fish?” Yep. Very common choices. So in that same sentiment, I wanted to present you with a very similar proposition. But this one is much more likely to fit you as it has for me a few times.

Let’s suppose you could either have, A) the interpretation of your dream, or B) the understanding of the proper action to take without a full interpretation? Which is better? Good question! And that is exactly what I’m going to discuss here today. I believe you’re going to find yourself in this situation more than a few times and what I learned myself should help you a ton. Check this out…

Purposeful Communication

The more you come to understand God’s strange metaphoric dream language in the form of nighttime parables, the more you are going to realize that there is a God-intended purpose behind the dreams that come from Him. I mean, think of it… if God has a message for you, there must have been a reason why He felt like telling you, right?

Fairly simple concept. Just like if you need to get in touch with a friend or family member for some random reason, there must have been a purpose behind your communication with them.

God is very purposeful, from my experience. Just look at the many dreams I’ve written here on my blogs and you get the idea really quick that many of these were given for all sorts of reasons. And definitely, with the overall intent that I or another person would take some type of appropriate action. I mean, seriously, just look again at this verse we’ve all read too many times…

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

You see what I mean, “the thoughts that I think toward you”… “to give you…” That shows a purpose behind God’s thoughts, which imply an action that ultimately leads you to a destination He has in mind for you. So that’s just one verse. I bet if you really go looking in the Bible for others that fit this same idea, you’ll find many more.

So then if dreams from God contain a message with a purpose, then what do you do when you can’t get the proper interpretation??

Bypassing What Is Unknown

After being in this situation a few times myself, I’ve learned that it’s actually possible sometimes to bypass the actual interpretation of a dream and go straight to the action needed, even if it’s only based on a very partial, incomplete thought.

Let’s relate it to compass directions. This is perhaps a clumsy illustration but you’ll get the point. Suppose you are on a long walk and you need to head east, but all you have is the position of the sun right now (no actual compass). As long as you can just barely make out which way is east, you’re generally able to start off in the right direction.

In numerical terms, there is a huge range of directional difference between 30 degrees and 150 degrees. Both are an easterly direction but each are still a long way from absolute due east (90 degrees). But the point here is, you have to work with what you’ve got. And in the case of a bewildering dream, we just need to do something!

Honor & Diligence = Rewards

My experience has been that if you show God you are taking His communication with you seriously, that shows you are honoring Him. And as you start moving in a direction, you can expect Him to give you updates and course corrections along the way.

I realize that this entire discussion so far has been sort of vague and based purely on “what if’s” and generalities. And that again is the exact point I’m trying to make. You have a dream and you don’t know what it really means and you need to do something with it. Vague, fuzzy, hard to grasp. Exactly.

Here’s an example to help make this more concrete…

Dream Example – Confusing Symbol Combinations

As you might expect, I have a perfect example of a dream someone sent me almost four years ago and I had no real idea what to do with it. This friend had very accurate dreams about me so I knew this was a legitimate one. But after nearly four years of trying to figure out how this dream was going to play out, I finally asked for some help from a friend who is being trained as a dream interpreter.

But when I got him on the phone – he did not have any better explanation for the meaning than I had come up with in the last four years! Humm…. But what he said instead of an interpretation was actually much more valuable to me. And that’s why this became the perfect example.

As you read this dream, I want to say up front that there are elements here that do not fit real life and that is what caused all the confusion. Because there seemed to be a possible combination of symbolic and literal, it became very hard to see how this could play out. I’ll explain more of that soon enough. Here’s the dream I was sent on the date indicated…

Possible Huge Financial Favor

February 11, 2016Hey Chris, Now before you read this. STOP and PRAY that God gives you the true meaning of this dream I just had this morning. It could be literal but somehow I’m feeling excited for you.

I was wi‎th my sister Hannah and she handed me a bunch of letters. One of them was a statement. It wasn’t sealed but very opened. It had a company name on top (I’m really trying to remember the name but it started with BXXXXX). I will use the X as unknown since I can’t recall. The statement was for your father but I only saw the names “MICHALS”. This statement was showing the contributions/investments your dad made. I scrolled down and I saw the total of his total investments he was being rewarded by the company…3,9XX,XXX….yup that’s 3 million plus. can’t recall the other figures and I can’t say which currency was used. Anyway, I reacted in shock just looking at the figures.

My sister Hannah asked me a question, “when did he start making the contributions and how much?” I checked in the statement and indicated that he started in 1999, making an investment of 1,9XX. I couldn’t tell if it was per month or per annum. I was too excited that I told my sister I had to deliver the statement to you asap….END

So this past hour I have been trying to remember that company name which most likely would have helped us a lot….arrrgggg. Only clue I can give is that the name was in blue colour and the company name started with “B”.

Process of Elimination – Sorting Out Details

Interesting dream, huh? Before we get into a few details here, this is a great time to stop and note the meaning of the name of someone who appears there. Hannah means favor and oddly enough, this dream shows exactly that.

See my blog below on how names of people in your dreams can have symbolic meaning. Intriguingly, that name Hannah also shows up again there but in a different dream…


People, Names & Colors in Dreams: What Do They Mean?

Ok, so here are the elements that do not fit real life… My dad never worked for a company with a name beginning with “B”. But, the name of the owner of the company he last worked at did begin with “B”. Could this be a roundabout way of God speaking about the company but referring to the owner instead? Possibly, but here’s why I’m skeptical of that…

That company went out of business years ago and there are no known financial accounts anywhere with any such amount of money that fits this dream. In addition to that, my dad did not make any such literal financial contributions of $1,900 (per month or per year) as was said. And also, the year 1999 did not line up with anything known in real life here either.

As an “out of the box” interpretation, could this just be a way of saying that God is the “owner” and “boss” and a large unexpected amount of money is ultimately coming from Him regardless of any literal company or bank here on earth? Yes. In fact, there are Biblical precedents for such a thing.

For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.

Psalm 50:10 (KJV)

Ok, so then what about the $3.9 million? How many ways can such a number be interpreted? Well, this is where it gets sticky. It’s really hard to get an interpretation of those numbers in a way that makes any sense symbolically in this context. If you do what I used to do when I was initially learning about numbers, you take everything to an extreme and make it all symbolic and out of context and then you end up with a bunch of gibberish. Been there, done that!

So this now presents a complex problem – on the one hand, some things don’t line up with reality, but on the other hand, trying to force a symbolic meaning to hard numbers gets very sketchy. What to do then?

Forget The Real Meaning, Here’s What To Do…

The point of this entire blog is to show there are still practical things you can do when you can’t figure out the meaning of a dream. Here’s what my friend who is a full-time staff member at Joshua Media Ministries International told me the other day.

We started with the agreement that this dream could play out as a real financial miracle from an unknown source for reasons and details that only God knows right now. Going back again to the meaning of Hannah (who was a key player in the dream) there is a potential dual self-confirming theme of “favor”. That plus the comments made in the dream that clearly indicates excitement and surprise.

So what my friend said on the phone was effectively to treat this as a financial miracle and to thank and praise God for this thing expectantly despite not knowing what is really going to happen. He then said that the nearly four-year gap since this the time of this dream was God’s process of cleaning things out of my life that could be a hindrance to bigger things on the way. I thought that was a pretty good answer.

In the big scheme of things, does it really matter whether there is a literal $3.9 million coming to either me or my dad? Not really. Not to me anyway. I already know I’m getting something far bigger than that if you’ve been following my “science dreams” series of blogs. So if God wants to give something big in advance, and separate from that right now, well that is not unrealistic or impossible (except for people with religious attitudes).

Simple Action Steps You Can Take

So regardless of what this actually turns out to be, we have a good example of how you can still take proper action despite not having a good interpretation of a dream.

Whether or not this example fits a confusing dream scenario you may have, you can still see the logical walk through I did here and how my friend’s answer brought the necessary wisdom into play so the best action at this time can be taken, rather than have this dream sitting on the shelf much longer collecting dust.

And that is the main point of this blog. Next time you’ve got a dream that just can’t be sorted out, do this…



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  1. Something stood out for me in that dream: 3,9XX,XXX is more than a double of 1,9XX, if you take away 3 X’S of the 3,9XX,XXX so that it is 3,9XX.
    Could that mean that God is more than doubling the investment, multiplied?
    Could it mean that God is abundantly holding blessings for you for godly investments your earthly father made?
    I also see a pattern of 3’s in those numbers too. 3 goes into 9 3 times. Both numbers have 3 and/or 9 in them. That may have important symbolic meaning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep it’s possible. I didn’t include it in there but we are also in a year that ends in 19. Wouldn’t surprise me if that was a timeline connection with this whole thing as well. But hey… We’ll see what happens hopefully soon enough.


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