Multiple Messaging Dreams: Personal Meaning Plus A Hidden Secret

Multiple Messaging Dreams

In the last couple years, I’ve had a few conversations with friends and blog readers about the idea that God may be speaking to you in a dream about something bigger than just a personal parabolic message. These friends told me of dreams that were very elaborate like the story lines in a movie. As I listened to what they were telling me, my first thought was – this is not just a dream with a personal message, this sounds like God is giving you something much bigger.

My suggestion to them was that they take another look at all their dreams and see if there are emerging patterns or themes that might confirm what I’m proposing to them. At that time, I began wondering if God ever gives two messages in a single dream – one personal and the other something bigger.

In my own dreams, I had already seen evidence for this, but I needed to do some research to see if my theory was valid. This blog is the result of my study, along with a personal example to illustrate my findings.

Disclaimer: this is going to be truly “experimental” blog, just as I’ve named this website… Some of this may apply to you and some of it may not. Regardless, I believe what I’m saying here is worth consideration. Take it all for what it’s worth and see what you can make of it.

Biblical Support for Multiple Messaging?

Before we go too far with my proposed idea here, it’s best to see if there’s any Biblical support for the idea that God speaks on two different levels simultaneously in one message. In my own studying, I found out over a decade ago that yes, there is a precedent for this. One of the most profound is what we see in Ezekiel 28, where God is speaking through the prophet Ezekiel to the king of Tyre. This is one of the more bizarre Bible chapters because it seems to have two things happening at once.

As you read verses 1-19, it’s like the message keeps switching back and forth between to people to the extend that in some cases, the lines between the two appear blurred. For the sake of a snapshot of Ezekiel 28, here is a brief summary of what’s going on.

Part of the passage is directed at a man who claims to be a god but will die the death of a man and will be overthrown by many nations. The other part gives a description of the angel Lucifer and that he was the anointed cherub with perfect beauty and wisdom. Some verses are about a man and others are clearly about a spiritual being, and some that can be applied to both man and Lucifer. So this represents one Biblical precedent for God speaking on two levels all in one message. If you want to find others, start looking at Jesus’ words in the Gospels.

Hebrew Study Method

Next, I want to consider the Hebrew methodology for studying scripture. Years ago, I learned about something called “PaRDeS” which is an acronym for a 4-layer method of considering Biblical passages. I’ll give the resource links below but for the sake of a summary, here’s what it amounts to:

  • Peshat (Pa) = a simple reading of the text at a surface level.
  • Remez (R) = a hint of something more or a reading between the lines.
  • Derash (De) = a concept, something that requires interpretation and exposition for use in a teaching or a sermon.
  • Sud (S) = a hidden, secret or mystical message that requires revelation and searching to uncover (sounds a lot like Proverbs 25:2).

For much more info on each of these above, see the articles at these two links:

  1. PARDES levels of Biblical interpretation
  2. Introduction – PaRDeS HaBahir

Confirmations Needed & Keep it in Balance

So now…what we have here appears to be evidence for God speaking on multiple levels all in one message. What God does in the Bible should translate to other areas of our life as well. This is my proposal and suggestion that you might find this going on in some of your dreams. Let me put some balance to all this here…

I cannot guarantee you will find this in your dreams – this is something you’ll have to test for yourself over a period of time and see if God might be giving you multiple messages. In the process, don’t try to squeeze water out of a rock and force an interpretation.  See if you have any additional confirmations before you get too sure of what you think might be happening.

This will be the third time I am coming to you. “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.”
2 Corinthians 13:1 (NKJV)

Practical Example in a Dream

Ok so with all the academics out of the way – it might help if I give a good example of a dream where I can demonstrate how all this works. Below is a dream I’ve recently written about which should help get you thinking again about some of your own dreams.

For the sake of context – this dream I’m about to discuss is part of a series of about 20 dreams all containing a common and repeating theme of technology. I hinted at this in a blog last year (Sixth Year Breakthrough: Hidden Mysteries Revealed in Dreams) where I was completely unable to find the meaning of one of my dreams until another interpreter unlocked the mystery and gave two words of knowledge tying everything together. If it had not been for that outside help, I would maybe never have thought that God was trying to tell me something beyond just a personal message.

This below dream was briefly mentioned in my recent blog (Interplanetary Dreams: When God Gives You A Science Assignment):

April 2017: I’m inside a very large building and I have Han Solo (Star Wars movie character) as my prisoner. I’m on a secret mission, pretending to be his guard and I’m taking him out of captivity. We are on possibly the second floor inside a dimly lit hallway and no one else is around. I have Han’s hands tied in electrical wires and I’m holding those as we walk. I also have a computer chip in my other hand that is about the size of a SD memory card but it’s something like an explosive device and I’m looking for a slot in the wall where I can put it so it will go down a chute and outside of the building. 

Message #1 (Personal)

If you didn’t know anything about my dream series that I hinted at in my original blog on this topic (Sixth Year Breakthrough…), all you would have here is a personal message. Here’s what each of the elements can mean:

  • Han Solo = can represent something about myself – a cosmic war in space (a place of spiritual warfare), the second heaven; also consider the movie character’s personality and what part he plays in the movies – this can be a personal issue that is only known by understanding this movie character as it relates to me.
  • Hands tied = bondage, captivity – some personal struggle as it relates to the characteristics of Han Solo, again of a spiritual matter.
  • Electrical wires = power of some type in the spiritual realm.
  • Secret mission to set free = personal process being set free from the above spiritual issues.
  • Memory chip = something in my personal past, family lineage, generational sins / iniquities.
  • Building = a personal structure in the mind, a spiritual state.

Message #2 (PaRDeS Level)

The above meanings in message #1 all have very accurate personal message but because I’ve already had a series of technology dreams, I became suspicious that this dream was more than just what I wrote above. Here’s where I believe it gets interesting…I’ll give that same list again but now with the PaRDeS levels of meaning that required a lot of study and online searching:

  • Han Solo = literally outer space, space and advanced futuristic technology – Star Wars is a movie where the technology seen is way beyond what we have today.
  • Hands tied = binding is the key word, causing things to be tied together, think of this on the atomic level – nuclear fusion.
  • Electrical wires = points back to a repeating theme in my 20 dreams on the topic of energy production.
  • Secret mission to set free = hidden secrets waiting to be revealed, also noteworthy is the hinted timing factor (Solo Movie was “released” in theaters almost year after this dream on May 2018).
  • Memory chip = a device that contains something in storage – similar to a capacitor which stores an electrical charge and then explosively releases it, similar to a battery but with technical differences in that a battery releases stored energy slowly.
  • Explosive device = high power energy stored, release of energy is very fast – explosive. The characterization of this memory chip as an explosive device was what gave the clue to consider this as related to a capacitor.
  • Building = a place where all the above takes place out of view of the general public – possibly a research facility. Needing to get this thing out in public.

Each of the elements listed above in both meaning #1 and #2 is not a full list of all possibilities but is a good starting point. You might be wondering where I got all the connections to the symbols for meaning #2. This came from a ton of research which connected to all the other 20 dreams in my “science dream” series. As I researched the symbolic elements of all those other dreams, many things began to connect rapidly which led me on a personal research project continuing to the time of this writing. If I were to tell everything I discovered in this process of studying this series of dreams, it would be the length of at least a short book.

Dual Meaning

So what is this dream about then at the higher PaRDeS level? I believer there is good reason to believe it’s both a personal message as seen in meaning #1 but also a science research project within a long series of dreams that deal with a new source of electrical power generation spoken of by prophets Kim Clement (“Big E“) and Mark Taylor (“Energy Energy“). At a later time, when all this comes together, and assuming I’m correct here, I’ll tell the rest of the story. As of today, I can’t say too much more. Sorry for the suspense, but I’m also stuck with it myself!!

Suggestions and Advice for YOU

Now you’ve seen my proposal with the Biblical precedent of God speaking on more than one level in a single message (including dreams). You’ve seen my personal example and what I found when I went searching for something more. Now it’s time for you to apply all this to your own self.

Again, this may or may not apply to you, everything I’m saying is my proposal that you must test with your own dreams. Here are some tips that may help you to see if you’re not missing something very big and life changing that God may be trying to tell you in your own dreams.

Remember that many scientific discoveries and technology inventions and even popular movies have come from God in dreams. Has God given you one of these? Maybe you have one and don’t know it? Here are some tips to find out…

  • Write down ALL your dreams! Unless you have a tangible record that you can go back and review, you will never remember all the necessary details that may reveal a repeating theme or pattern.
  • Pay attention to repeating themes and patterns and make a separate list of dreams that appear to link together.
  • How do you know when a dream contains this higher PaRDeS level of meaning? Watch for additional confirmations in dreams and prophetic signs in your daily life – learn to discern. (2 Corinthians 13:1 & 1 Corinthians 2:14)
  • Don’t try to squeeze water out of a rock – remember, either this applies to you right now or maybe not.
  • Be diligent to search out what God shows you and keep asking Him for more. (Hebrews 11:6)
  • When God speaks to you about your life calling and destiny, He will give it to you in separate pieces over a period of time that must be connected like dots (or like constellations of stars)…”line upon line, here a little, there a little…” (Isaiah 28:13)
  • When you have a dream that seems so elaborate or bizarre that appears to go beyond just a personal message, consider it at the higher PaRDeS level and start researching.
  • Your calling and destiny from God is not going to be just laying around on the surface like dirt and regular rocks – when God wants to give you something valuable, He is going to hide it like gold, diamonds and oil and require you to search for it! (Proverbs 25:2)


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