Purpose of the Wilderness & Requirements for Getting Out | Personal Experience & Video


Do you have a personal prophecy or prophetic dreams about your life calling? Have you seen any of it happen yet? Have you been in the wilderness of God’s training process a little too long? Are you planning, hoping or expecting to achieve God’s highest purpose and plan for your life? Well..I’ve been through much of this myself. In the last few years, I’ve been in an extremely steep uphill learning process which was my prerequisite requirement for getting into my own “promised land”. Based on all that, I felt the need to write a few things on what God strongly impressed upon me during this time. If you identify with what I just wrote above, much of this will apply to you in some ways.

This is a little bit more of my own personal testimony and included here (video) is one of the absolute best teachings on what a wilderness is for and what you must do to get out of it. This is a huge topic so consider this a really important piece that will get you right on the pathway to your promised land.  Be sure to watch the entire video teaching with David E. Taylor (JMMI).

(NOTE: This blog is an update to two previous blogs from two years ago that in retrospect, were written very optimistically but also prematurely. At that time, I was hoping I was almost out of the wilderness but in reality, I was nowhere near that. Take everything here in this blog as just my own experience – some of this will apply and be useful to you, some of it may not. So now, having fully caveated everything I’m saying here, let’s get on with it…) 

Nothing is Automatic

‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’
Jeremiah 33:3 (NKJV)

I’ve been observing some beliefs or attitudes of friends who have personal prophecies or dreams of their life calling lately. I get very concerned when I hear some of them say that they think these are automatic and will just happen. FALSE. If that were the case, I would not have had to do anything in the natural and spiritual sense to start to bring my “mega prophecy” into the natural realm.

I had to learn this myself when I received the huge prophecy I’ve been talking about lately. There is NOTHING automatic about God’s purpose or plan in your life. The root of such an attitude or perspective can reveal any of the following – laziness, total ignorance of God’s system and methods and at times, I hate to say it but sometimes…arrogance.

But… before I went through my own very long wilderness process, I was also completely clueless about everything I’m saying here and I was guilty of all the above. That’s a big part of why I even have this website here…

This entire blog site has become my own testimony and documentation of how I began in my own pursuit of my life calling and how it’s been slowly revealed to me over a period of several years. If you were to read every single article from day one to right now, you would very definitely notice the progression. I’m not trying to make all this about me but when you understand how this has worked out for me, you will see the patterns that will apply to your life as well. Like the saying goes – “one person’s testimony becomes another one’s prophecy”.

Kingdom of God & Military Training

The starting point for achieving your highest calling and purpose in your life is this – YOU MUST ASK God and continue asking Him until you receive your answer. This is what I did and to this day, I continue asking!! You must do this, it is not optional.

Once you’ve done that, there are a few reasons I’ve learned from my own experience for why some people don’t get anywhere…

  • Failure to understand what it takes to bring something from the spirit realm to the natural realm.
  • Failure to learn and obey God’s kingdom system, patterns and protocols.
  • Failure to connect with and honor high level spiritual authority that can push things for us in the spiritual realm.

We cannot do all this ourselves. There is no such thing as a lone ranger in God’s kingdom. God has very clear ways of doing things and I had to learn all that myself starting from absolutely NO knowledge of any of this.  I was thrown into a harsh and austere training process and I learned many things in four years that I could never have learned any other way.

If you ever saw that TV show from the early 1980’s “The Greatest American Hero“, that would be a very accurate description of how I was thrown into my own wilderness. This quote pretty much summarizes exactly how I felt for a really long time…

“The series chronicles Ralph’s adventures after a group of aliens gives him a red and black suit that grants him superhuman abilities. Unfortunately for Ralph, who hates wearing the suit, he immediately loses its instruction booklet, and thus has to learn how to use its powers by trial and error, often with comical results.”
– Wikipedia (The Greatest American Hero) 

In short, my life became one long scary “adventure” that I hope will never again repeat for as long as I live on this earth. If you’re in, or have been in, a wilderness yourself, probably you can relate to all I’ve just said. Speaking of all that…

There is something I learned in my 20 years in the US military, and it carries over to this right here. God’s wilderness training process is not much different than military basic training. That is what I experienced myself and turns out that idea is completely Biblical. If more church people understood this, we have a lot more fully mature sons instead of a bunch of weak minded spiritual babies running around without any Bible-sized supernatural results.

Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
2 Timothy 2:3 (KJV)

One thing the wilderness process does for you is it makes you into a tough minded king, prepared for the highest calling God has for you. This is something I was never taught in my previous four decades of churches of all kinds. In fact, the true kingdom message is what caused a total transformation in me during this last few years (see all my blogs on that topic here: kingdom category). Most of the time, when people email me here with dreams, I end up pointing to those articles – there is a very good reason why!! 

A Few Personal Requirements

Here’s the short version of what I’ve learned and did myself… One of the biggest personal requirements to get out of a wilderness is the connection to spiritual authority.  This is coming from (me) a guy who was so extremely independent my entire life (because of how arrogant I was).  If I, of all people, can learn the importance of being connected with and honor high level spiritual authority, that is proof that it is an absolute requirement. God proved to me that my previous attitude was a dead end road.  Why?

Because no one else will ever stand in to fight the demons you can’t fight on your own. No one will ever be in prayer of agreement with you (this is a MUST).  Prayer of agreement is a mandatory requirement but it really does no good if you have others pray with you who are spiritually weak. You must have spiritually strong people who have been through a training process that know how to pray with you. For those who reject this, it exposes the root of the problem – arrogance and over reliance on self.

Giving is another requirement. If all you do is throw a few dollars in the plate when it passes by you (as I used to as a former Catholic), then you can forget everything I’m saying here. How do you think God is going to make you prosperous if you can’t even do your part in giving?! This is why I’ve been making such an issue about giving here on my website! You must learn this – I had to do it also and you’ll be hearing a lot more on that when the time is right.

I became a very big giver several years BEFORE I got my prophecy. I proved that I was asking for big things for the right reason and I explained a little more about that in this very long video. I completely rejected the church poverty mentality and I established a pattern of giving very large amounts (according to the percentage of my total annual income and net worth). You must learn this also.

Timeline & Confirmation

It’s been 7 years since I asked God directly for this very big thing and it’s been 3 1/2 years since I was given the prophecy.  That length of time has been God’s character development process where I learned all the things I needed before I could be ready for my own promised land. Before all this, I knew absolutely nothing.  This is a personal testimony to the fact that it requires time and negative circumstances for us to learn the things God requires of us.

After going through my near-four year wilderness, recently in September 2018, I was given a personal confirmation by the man who gave me my prophecy (David E. Taylor) that my “mega prophecy” will happen. Remember what I said about connection and honoring spiritual authority??

Ok….this here is the very, very short version of what I learned in my wilderness process. One of the biggest themes in my website is finding out your calling and DOING it. Either people want to reach their calling or they do not. I want people to reach their calling just like I want mine. And I spent most of my life not knowing anything about this. So…if you REALLY actually want that, then there are things you must do – or just stay wandering in the wilderness forever and die there.



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