Ebook Update! Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?! (Version 3)

I’ve just finished a 3rd update to my first-ever free ebook and it’s now available in two new formats – EPUB and Amazon Kindle. If you’ve already downloaded either of the first two versions on PDF from my Gumroad site, the new update has already been sent to you – check your email!

Concise But Broad Introduction

This ebook is intended to be a concise but fairly broad introduction to a huge topic for those who are new to Bible-based dream interpreting. It’s also meant for those who have tried approaching this subject from alternative methods and may not be familiar with the idea that the God of the Bible speaks in our dreams in symbolic parables. Not everything you need to know about dream interpreting is in here (of course), but I do cover a fairly broad range of topics – especially now with this 3rd version update.

Here’s what you’ll find in this new version…

  • Why do dreams have symbolic images in them?
  • Are the messages in dreams hidden by God intentionally?
  • Does God have a Biblical precedent for communicating in this manner?
  • What are some keys to looking up the meaning of symbols?
  • What kind of dreams are there and who gets them?
  • What kinds of insights are revealed in dreams and what might I be missing by not understanding them?

Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?!
A Brief Intro To The Mystery & Value Of Your Nighttime Visions

Download Ebook

This ebook is now available free in EPUB and $0.99 on Amazon Kindle. Click the links below for each of those two formats. You can also find the links to this ebook on my store page, along with my other ebooks and many other recommended products. EPUB version page count is 55 at normal font size.

Thank you for downloading – God Bless!!



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