A “Strange” Personal Testimony That Just Might Change Your World

About 10 years ago, God put me through a process of awakening to the reality of the supernatural realm.  For 40 years of my life, I had been raised and programmed by a western educational system and mindset that actively rejected anything that could not be seen with the natural eyes.  I lived most of my life having no understanding of anything that takes place in the invisible world.  

To make matters worse… I also had no knowledge that God was trying to communicate with us on a regular basis in ways that would directly benefit every area of our lives! Every part of my life was based on only what I came up with in my limited 10% capacity brain.  Career decisions, pursuit of personal interests, choice of schools, relationships and much more were all dictated by factors devoid of any sense that God had a direct purpose in why He put me here and what was best suited to me in this lifetime! 

And Then Came…

Oddly enough, it was a 6-month US military deployment to Iraq and two friends (in Washington DC and South America) that God used to initiate the extremely difficult process of realizing I had lived my entire life wearing blinders and having my head in an impervious box. 

As my discovery progressed, many mental wars erupted.  I wanted to know many things such as…  how did I spend decades in churches that taught there were no such things as miracles, how can you speak in tongues, what is a word of knowledge and how am I supposed to go about getting one?!  

The questions went around endlessly in my head, and I even flip flopped back and forth debating whether my new discovery was in fact real. Slowly, however, God caused the transformation to take place, and as my mind caught up with this reality of the supernatural realm, my life began to rapidly change! 

Marvel Cinematic Universe To The Rescue

Rather than tell my entire story here in this blog, let me just cut to the chase by saying the process I went through was no different than what you see in a very popular Marvel movie, “Doctor Strange”. 

Dr Stephen Strange was a very intellectual surgeon, trained by the best universities, and the best in his field, until one day something happened.  His entire life came to a crashing end (no pun), and in the midst of a total life catastrophe, he arrived at the same shocking conclusion that I had.  

Yes, the details of the movie are very “Hollywood-ized” and there’s a ton of “new age” (false religion) terminology, BUT the entire movie is more or less 100% Biblically correct. When I first saw this movie about 3 years ago, I was shocked at how much truth was in there, and especially how closely it tracked my own personal process of discovery! 

Personal Assignment

Six plus years ago, God gave me an assignment to publicly document my personal testimony using a website. Since the inception of this blog site, you can see how my life has changed and developed in ways I never would have imagined (since February 2015 when I wrote my first blog). As it relates to today’s short personal story, listed below are 4 of the top blogs that further elaborate on what’s happened with me since my initial discovery in 2011.  

Please take a look at those, especially if you fit the description of how I used to be 10 years ago. The sooner you “make the jump” to the spiritual and mental version of “light speed” as I did, the faster you will see your life progress in ways that you also could never have imagined!  I am living proof of everything I say here.  

Not to mention, if you’ve never seen the movie Doctor Strange, please take my advice and watch it! There are many parallels with me, not the least of which (yikes!!) is how intellectually arrogant he was and how that was the root cause of his inability to believe in anything invisible to the natural eyes.

Here’s the movie trailer for “Doctor Strange“…


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If you want to learn about marvelic supernatural abilities and how YOU can also access them… get this new ebook when it is published.  In there, I’ve written a lengthy section on keys you can use right now to begin the process of accessing and manifesting the bizarre abilities we see in these movies like the one I mentioned above.

As with all my blogs… everything in this new ebook is 100% Biblically supported and you will see extensive references as such.  

Although the ebook is not yet available, I do have a 16-part video series made to go along with it where I elaborate on some of the biggest dreams and revelations contained in that ebook.  That series is currently available on my SubscribeStar page, and you can click the button below or the product cover image to access that series on the $35 per month tier.

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